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  1. Windows Sync Center ???does it work with win xp, 7, and 8http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/what-is-sync-center
  2. I am looking to back up and possibly actively mirror a folder across multiple computers in a network. I have a test folder that will work for testing, but the files in this folder will be edited and saved on multiple computers in the same day a small garage fire in the spring destroy most everything that was active so in the network will have computers in the garage, shop, and house, along with a network drive in the house. test files will be from the electric sheep program, and on 2 computers and a network drive another computer or network drive needs to be set up as a time machine backup in case a file gets accidentally deleted or saved wrongfully. "C:ProgramDataElectricSheepcontent" "\WDMYCLOUDSmartWareElectric Sheep" "\FRED-505ElectricSheepContent" A 4th location can be kept for a time machine backup of which I also do not know how to do. Windows 7/8 are my primary OS's
  3. I purchased WD My Cloud for my neighbor, then realized how good it was ---- ---- there are 3-4 levels you can purchase its all in-home, with a small free linking from anyware in the world from WD ---YouTube WD My Cloud - by Lon Seidman
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