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  1. SUCCESS!!!! Thank you so much Mr Groovy and Shockersh for your replies, and for anyone else who read about my plight and tried to help. I was about to start the "inbox repair tools" Shockersh wrote about, when I did one more quick search on the net. If anyone else is to have this problem, the solution is extraordinarily easy.....go to your deleted items. I feel like such an idiot. I will point out that that was the first place I looked, however, my mistake was that I went looking at the top of my deleted items (as I had only just deleted it). If ever you accidentally delete a distribution list, go to your deleted items but scroll down to the date you actually CREATED the distribution list - that is where it lies in wait for you to find it!!!! It seems that it is entirely too easy for people to delete their contacts in Outlook. There is no prompt to make sure that you actually want to delete your contacts, which apparently Microsoft is looking into. Meanwhile, I am just so happy that if it ever happens again - I know where to look!!!! Once again, thank you so much for your help - I am stoked that I stumbled across this website, and will definitely be back when I have my blonde moments on the computer again!!!
  2. Sorry! I was in a bit of a tizz when I was writing this. I had already inputted about 200-300 names and email addresses into a distribution list. I was adding some more in, and instead of pusing Shift-D to add in a new name, I pushed Control-D and promptly deleted the entire distribution list. I am just wondering if there is ANY WAY at all to recover this distribution list. I just don't know where to start looking for it! Or has it gone forever??? Thanks!
  3. Help please! I was inputting names into a bulk email group list when I pressed Control and D (instead of Shift and D) and promptly deleted about 300 names from my group list. Is there any way I can retrieve this? I had a look in deleted items, but it was only deleted emails. Where can I find deleted contacts????????