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  1. Ok I got one for ya. I have a DELL Latitude D620 running Windows Vista Business Edition. Everything has been working excellent however a few days ago the thing started acting up. Here's my issue below: 1) Dell Latitude locked into Docking station 2) PC BOOTS - no problem 2) I'm presented with Login screen - no problem3 4) I login - no problem 5) Vista Hangs (showing the Welcome screen and the animated blue circle cursor) - problem 6) After 5 minutes the screen turns black and continues to hang..... - problem If I turn off the power and boot up, it comes up no problem. It's also ok if I boot up undocked then dock it. No issues. Anyone? RJ
  2. Thanks for the tip. You were correct in that YES, the problem did start after the Aug. security updates. What I failed to mention (but you caught it anyway) was that I had never done a full shutdown undocked after the patches were installed. Essentially I would boot up (undocked), dock, work all day, do a shutdown. After reading your email I recalled that each time I did this process Vista would say "configuring updates" when I did a shutdown. So it looks like I was just caught in a LOOP of some sort. After following your suggestion above everything is working. So, here's how I fixed it. I undocked the laptop, boot-up. Logged in, shutdown and boot up again. After that it looks like all the windows updates were installed and now I can boot up without an issue in the docking station. RJ