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  1. Thanks for the tip. You were correct in that YES, the problem did start after the Aug. security updates. What I failed to mention (but you caught it anyway) was that I had never done a full shutdown undocked after the patches were installed. Essentially I would boot up (undocked), dock, work all day, do a shutdown. After reading your email I recalled that each time I did this process Vista would say "configuring updates" when I did a shutdown. So it looks like I was just caught in a LOOP of some sort. After following your suggestion above everything is working. So, here's how I fixed it. I undocked the laptop, boot-up. Logged in, shutdown and boot up again. After that it looks like all the windows updates were installed and now I can boot up without an issue in the docking station. RJ
  2. Ok I got one for ya. I have a DELL Latitude D620 running Windows Vista Business Edition. Everything has been working excellent however a few days ago the thing started acting up. Here's my issue below: 1) Dell Latitude locked into Docking station 2) PC BOOTS - no problem 2) I'm presented with Login screen - no problem3 4) I login - no problem 5) Vista Hangs (showing the Welcome screen and the animated blue circle cursor) - problem 6) After 5 minutes the screen turns black and continues to hang..... - problem If I turn off the power and boot up, it comes up no problem. It's also ok if I boot up undocked then dock it. No issues. Anyone? RJ