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  1. I really love the site! Thanks for all the help. No recommendations, just a big thanks!
  2. first - thanks for all the help! second - it's fixed! I followed your advice and disabled the wireless router (I was worried it was to techy for me but I figured it out (with the help of my son).... then turned it back on in the admin console. as soon as I did this everything came back to life and my MAC and my Printer are now back online! Thanks again! Great site!
  3. Thanks for the quick response. Yes, I have a new netgear wireless N router. The guy at best buy said to get the N model so that's what I did! Essentially I plugged the Netgear into my cable modem then the PC into it. I then have my MAC (downstairs) connect to it wirelessly and the cannon printer connect to it also. thta's my setup! so, i reboot the router but that still didn't fix me. any other ideas?
  4. Hey there. I need some help. I'm a very new computer user and Im having problems printing with my HP Printer. Its a Photosmart C7280 All in one. It's only a few months old. I tried to reset it but I still cant print to it. BTW - my MAC can no longer go on the internet either so I think there might be something going on larger than just the printer. Thanks in advance!