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  1. I can get most graphics from web sites in outlook with no trouble. How ever there is one site that has stopped loading the graphics and I cannot figure out why just one site? The site if Groupon. What is really strange is that their getaway travel graphics come in just fine it is only their goods and services graphic that I am not recieving. Is there something in my outlook or is it on the sender's - Groupon's - side?? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. When outlook 2007 loads I no longer get the extended top tool bar. What is missing is the "This is Spam"'; This is not spam; clear spam, etc. How do I bring them back? Tried rebooting but that does not change anything. Also I cannot get it to obey the command in the define views drop down in that same tool bar. When every other thing was working the auto preview would sometimes work and other times not. Lately I have been getting a message to the affect that there is a conflict with Norton. What can I do? Paul