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  1. I'm resubmitting my question on on High Cpu usage showing up on my windows seven computer during operation. If there is a solution to this problem that I can use, I would be more than grateful. Thank You.
  2. I often get a notice of high cpu usage when I'm downloading alot from another source. Can this be corrected? If so, How? Thank You
  3. Steve, thank you for your quick reply. This will be my first reboot of this computer. Should I disconnect my external hard drive before I do this reboot?
  4. Forwarded this question on July 10 and I still await some answer.. I recently purchased a new cellphone in which I can transfer music files from my computer. I have lost my removable disk E on my computer which is necessary for the transfer process. Presently I have two removable storages devices, a DVD RW Drive (D) and DVD RW Drive (F). Can either one of these be changed to a removable disk E to accomidate my cellphone or can I add the the disk E ? My computer is a windows 7 32/64 bit. My experience with computers is very minimum. I would appreciate any help you can give. Thanks n
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