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  1. Okay I downloaded the notepad and opened the pst. file with it but I can't understand what to do from there.


    I've attached a screen shot, I can't understand deleting positions 7 through 13 with the space bar.


    Hi MrMonk.


    Ok I've done this so I'll explain. Please remember - this is not for the FAINT OF HEART!


    Step 1 - BACKUP YOUR PST

    Step 2 - Confirm you got a good backup (IE: Just copy your .PST file so if you break it, your not screwed)

    Step 3 - Download Notepad++ (looks like you already did this)

    Step 4 - Enable the HexEditor Plugin.


    To enable the HexEditor for Notepad++ do the following:

    A: Open Notepad++

    B: Click Plugins, Plugin Manager, Show Plugin Manager

    C: Click Settings Button on bottom of Plugin Manager Window

    D: Check Box " Show unstable plugins " and Click OK

    E: Scroll down and Check Box " HEX-Editor " and Click Install Button


    At this point the Hex-Editor will install and tell you to close your Notepad++ to save the changes.


    Step 4 - Re-Open Notepad++ and open a COPY of the Pst file you want to corrupt

    Step 5 - Click the Hex button to view the file in HEX mode

    5939488d16578_VirusScanConsole.JPG.9550062b357d58ca2f7357a9c71ceda5.JPGHex - 7.jpg[/attachment]


    Step 7 - Press Spacebar 7 times. This will clear positions 7 through 13 on line 1. You will notice the space will delete the data and on the left 20's will be displayed on Address 6 - C as shown below



    Now, save the file and continue with the instructions from ShockerSH to repair the PST file you JUST corrupted. :) :)



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