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  1. Ok. Just downloaded a copy and it's running good. thanks for the tip! It's awesome that it's free. is it secure? I never know for sure if I should use open source software. I'm going to guess it's ok but I've never really ran open source. for now, very happy! Thanks Animis!
  2. for school, i've been using the ftp client built into internet explorer however its really slow. anyone have a good recommendation before I buy something? thanks!
  3. yup. thats why I want to upgrade! thank you both for the information. i downloaded the sp3 upgrade from microsoft download and im all upgraded and running smooth. thanks again
  4. Hi! I've been running an old home built PC for YEARS. I figure it's probably time to get out of the 90's in regards to PC technology.... I've been looking around for a few weeks now. Anyone have any advice in regards to DELL Vs. HP? Those seem to be the 2 i've narrowed my search down to. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I've been running Windows XP home addition for YEARS now. I just borrowed service pack 2 CD from a friend. Is there anything I should do before I install it? Is it a risky install? I dont have any service packs right now. Should I backup my files first? anyone? Thanks!
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