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  1. Hi, I’m a beginner in networking, so I might not explain my situation very well.. I’m trying desperately to establish a network connection between a real computer and a virtual one.. (all on my laptop) and the main purpose of this network is to make two programs coded in Python communicate with each other through the network (I'm not concerned about sharing the Internet access) The virtual program that I’m using is (Virtual PC 2007) The host (Physical computer) is running on Windows7 Home Premium The client (Virtual computer) is running on Windows XP SP3 After hundreds attempts to find tutorials explaining the setup of network connection between these computers, I found an article by Austin Krause which explains exactly what I wanted to do: ... apter-ics/ All the steps were applied and went very well, but the result wasn’t!! No network connection was established!! I also tried the ping command (this term was very new to me), I think it shows me that there was no successful connection between the computers because it says the sent packets from the host to the client was Zero.. If you need the ping output information, I've post them below Ping for Client: [/u][/color] _______________________________________________________ Could you tell me what went wrong? Thank you,