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  1. I am facing a problem....I have only one drive on my laptop and i want to partition it and create a new one. If i use the Disk Management to create a new partition from the existing one, it will effect my windows installation? or should i just reformat my computer and create 2 partitions.

    Tell me an easy solution to this problem as i dont want to format my pc as i have too much data in it and copying it would be a pain.


  2. It’s really important not to rely on the backup to save all your apps and data because it doesn’t include everything.

    To ensure you don’t lose anything, under sync preferences make sure that you have all the relevant files checked to be included when syncing then sync your iPad.


    To recover the backup, connect the iPad then Right-click the device and choose Restore from Backup.When connecting a new iPad, iTunes should prompt to restore from your backup.

    For any apps, files, calendar info, Outlook data music etc that you don’t retrieve from the backup you just look at sync preferences and make sure that the relevant boxes are checked to include those items when syncing. Once you have done this you can sync the iPad to get those items back. so long as you have synced them correctly in the first place.


    I think by default itunes creates a abackup of everything when you backup using itunes right click backup option. I never changed sync preferences when backing up my ipad

  3. Hi Ray,

    Good question. If an Internet Browser did track your browsing, it would be a huge compromise to privacy. It would likewise be a huge deal if the Windows 7 operating system tracked your information and sent it back to Microsoft. That still wouldn't be quite as bad as what happens online when using Google, as only Microsoft would have your information vs. Google and hundreds of advertising companies and websites tracking it.

    Fortunately, the Windows 7 operating system itself does not do this, short of if you enable the Customer Experience Program and the Genuine Microsoft software validation. And even in those cases, only anonymous system hardware, cd-key, and performance data is sent back. You can also disable whether either of those happens. Windows XP included a search companion which sent search terms to Microsoft when an internet search was performed, but that has been done away with in Windows 7. Your privacy is safe in Windows 7. Just watch out for individual applications you install that might be transmitting data, though usually you can stop that from happening with the Windows Firewall.

    Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox do also not do this to any malicious extent. Although if you have Google or another mainstream search engine set to your Omnibar (address bar) search it will collect data on all searches performed in the address bar, and if instant search is enable (like in Chrome) anything typed into the address bar can be tracked. Firefox (and even the Thunderbird email client) have been known to call home to Mozilla's servers to transmit basic census information, but this can be disabled.

    If you use any of Google's online products, everything you do is tracked and sent to Google. This is how it works with any online web-app or "cloud" solution. Free and "Cloud" service comes at a price; the price of your privacy. Even if you pay for "cloud" service, the company still has access to your data. Example ala Google Apps for business.

    Ideally it is best to check the terms of service and privacy policy for each piece of software you use, specifically internet browsers as having one of those track would be the most invasive.


    Thats dexter i had similar concerns....cleared many points..thanks

  4. I would check out Dell Hammad. Its Inpiron 15 or 17 R series is decent for the price. You can get an Intel Core i3 for around that price. It's a bit bulky, but depends what you want to do. If you want something light ... you're going to compromise on hardware...but you definitely want an Intel Core i3. Because its CPU supports SLAT -- which you need to run Hyper-V on Windows 8.



    You might want to wait though until you can get the Windows 8 Upgrade deal. http://www.groovypost.com/news/windows-8-new-pc-upgrade-price/

    If you can wait, I would spend a few hundred more and get an Ultrabook.


    I will take a look at ultrabook n see. And my basic purpose for buying is work. So, specs matter as well...otherwise i am already using c2d that runs all the applications. But i didnt try installing windows 8 on it

  5. If you didn't like the other one, this Laptop is also pretty solid.


    Note that the price was only $360 yesterday, plus the discount code, which brought it down to $330.It has slightly better stats than the i3. I would not pay more than $400 for this.

    Asus A53Z-NS61 Quad Core Laptop

    A6-3420M CPU,15.6" LED

    3GB DDR3

    320GB HDD, Radeon HD 6520


    HDMI, USB 3.0, WiFi-N

    6 Cell


    The GPU is integrated, but it is a big step up from not having one at all. The ram is expandable to 8GB.

    Here's the benchmark

    alt text


    Thaanks things pretty good will check it

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