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  1. I am facing a problem....I have only one drive on my laptop and i want to partition it and create a new one. If i use the Disk Management to create a new partition from the existing one, it will effect my windows installation? or should i just reformat my computer and create 2 partitions. Tell me an easy solution to this problem as i dont want to format my pc as i have too much data in it and copying it would be a pain. -Hammad
  2. By Window background of folder, you mean the folder icon or the image that appears in that icon?
  3. Hmm...try decrypting it in excel 2007 and encrypt again using excel 2010. Check the following link...THat might solve your problem... http://www.sevenforums.com/microsoft-office/207443-excel-cannot-open-file-encryption-type-used-not-available.html
  4. Yes, its possible.....Just connect your iPhone to your computer, open itunes and it will show you a popup screen that a new update is available. Click on Download and install and it will update your iphone (considering the fact that you have a factory unlocked phone or one from the carrier). if its software unlocked, i would suggest that you should stick to 4.2.1
  5. Brian Dell ultrabook is 1150$...too expensive .....if i want to spend that much y not get a macbook pro
  6. Login to your facebook account, go to Account settings, Under Security settings option, click on deactivate your account. hope this helps
  7. I think by default itunes creates a abackup of everything when you backup using itunes right click backup option. I never changed sync preferences when backing up my ipad
  8. Really? I ll check for reviews of the laptops you mentioned...however some of my friends use asus and they told me not to buy asus or hp....
  9. I will take a look at ultrabook n see. And my basic purpose for buying is work. So, specs matter as well...otherwise i am already using c2d that runs all the applications. But i didnt try installing windows 8 on it
  10. Exactly....just authorize all the pcs you want to sync with
  11. I am not looking for a low profile one..i need a good and reasonable one. currently i am using compaq cq45
  12. For outlook, i think it stays there till you manually delete the emails from outlook deleted items folder
  13. I dont think you can retrieve emails deleted from Deleted Items folder. Anyway, you can see if this can help youhttp://www.groovypost.com/howto/microsoft/ie/recover-deleted-email-in-microsoft-outlook-from-any-folder/
  14. I am planning to buy a newlaptop but i am not sure which pne i should go for...any suggestions..my budget is around $600
  15. I tried setting up my yahoo mail on my blackbery but it doesnt allow me too. I was able to setup yahoo mail on ipad. Any suggestions
  16. I ll suggest Altec Lansing. And i think you will be able to find good ones under 150.
  17. Or you may want to give Dropbox a try? Try uploading it using Dropbox and then downloading it on your Windows PC
  18. Did you check you iTunes account information? Maybe your DoB there is set to something else.
  19. dlvr it is slow. Anyways i found the solution. Just Use RSS Graffiti facebook app and aadd you RSS feed. It will update it automatically
  20. i hope this will solve your problemhttp://office.microsoft.com/en-us/word-help/add-autotext-in-word-HA101827969.aspx
  21. Is there any wordpress plugin or any facebook app which can help me update my facebook fan page automatically as soon as their is any update on my blog?
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