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  1. Never used my credit card online ever and even i asked my bank never to accept any online transaction. So thats not an issue. anyways formatted my pc and all is good now.
  2. Well, i researched about it in great great detail. I dont know while researching, i tried every single method and managed to remove the virus from my usb but whenever i plugged it back in it came back. tried KAspersky rootkit scanner, kaspersky internet security and what not. and in the end, i could find the affected registry keys so the only option left for me was to format my PC>
  3. I am having a problem. Whenever i plug in my usb in my office computer, the following folders appear. http://i.imgur.com/gEvdY.jpg If i try to copy any folder from my computer to my usb drive, it hides the folder the other folder is changed to .exe file. Scanned it with MSE and it didnt show me anything....i tried deleting the files using cmd (attrib method) and deleted the files. I even did a quick format. But whenever i re plug in my usb these 2 files are always there in it. ANy suggestions?
  4. How safe is it to store my passwords? As there are so many services i am using, it becomes difficult to remember password for each one of them. Is Lastpass worth trying and safe with two factor enabled? Share your experiences if you use lastpass.
  5. This sucks man....I thought it was only me but anyways..... I dont know what GOogle wants making everything complicated with time.
  6. Hi Yesterday, i was using Google Search and suddenly the layout changed (check screenshot below). What to do to bring it back to normal. http://imgur.com/StjsA
  7. Yes, that is the best extension i have tried so far when it comes to adding signatures in gmail
  8. There are certain mobile messaging apps as well as far as i know. Sometimes when you send message using those apps, it might not be displayed on the recipient's phone. It might be the issue but i may be wrong.
  9. well r u using any proxy application like Hotspot shield or any other? If yes, disable the software and check it again coz when you try to login from an undisclosed location you may get a message like this, i was using hotspot shield and once i got this message when i tried to open google docs. If not, its a virus. Scan using the tools steve mentioned and see. Alternatively, you can use this site downforeveryoneorjustme.com to check if the website is having problems or is it their a problem at your end. Hope this helps.
  10. yes its enabled, i had to restart my pc twice and it came back .... strangee
  11. Today i turned on my computer and noticed that the battery icon in the task bar automatically disappeared. i did check the display settings of the taskbar and it was set to show there. What can be the issue?
  12. Download Blackberry Desktop Manager from Blackberry website and sync your device. You can backup your messages as well.
  13. Lately, my pc is using a lot of resources and when i checked task manager, there were like 10-15 processes of chrome running. I checked and i had like 3-4 tabs opened. Why is this so?
  14. Thanks Brian and Simon. I was also looking for a way to disable caps lock key.
  15. Check here http://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=224562897555674 hope this answers your question.
  16. You want to delete the account you logged in with? Am i correct? If thats the case, login with that account and go to apps in account settings. there you will see Answers.gp app, just remove it from there and. Correct me if i am wrong.
  17. jshepp, i think you cn get information about any laptop. So thats not the point here. Anyway, i contacted the repair center and they said it will take an hour or maybe less and will not cost much. So why take risk . THanks Simon and jshepp
  18. i d rather take it to someome rather then opening it myself
  19. I checked task manager but there was no unusual process running. I gues i have to take it to the repair center for service
  20. Havent used any but a friend of mine used DisplayFUsion. You can check out its reviews as well.
  21. Recently, my laptop fan noise increased. SOmeone told me its because of dust and i should clean it using a blower or a vacuum cleaner. I am not sure about it. Should i just take it to repair center or clean it myself..? Suggestions?
  22. You can give FormatFactory a try. its a free software and can convert videos to many different formats without any problem.
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