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  1. hi there, maybe this already have answer by others guys.but really, i already got it right and i have search on internet but still have no idea's and clue why it doesn't work in my environment.i want to connect internet with my usb modem through my virtual PC i have a host pc with win 7 professional installed on it, and Windows server 2003R2 on my virtual PC 2007. i set my connection with my Virtual PC with Shared networking (NAT) for adapter 1 and microsoft lookback adapater on adapter 2. on my host pc i set my Local Area Connection (Lookback adapter) ip :;;default gateway: (this is my ip from my usb modem, when i connect it to internet).dns: and 2nd dns : and on my virtual pc i set my Local area connection : ip:;;default gateway:;dns:;2nd dns: when i tested it with ping it from my GUEST (Virtual PC) its work fine, i got reply from my HOST.and when i run it and \\ from my run command, i can see and explore my host windows from my guest on virtual pc, and when i ping it from my host, i have the same thing.not only that, i can remotely from my host to my guest. but when i open and try'n to access internet from my guest virtual pc, is always failed.on my IE have message "cannot display this page ... ", i already set my firewall to off and turn on my remote on my guest.but useless it can browse to internet. on my network & sharing setting (on my host),looks like this : MY PC (HOST) ----> undefine network (public network) -----> internet (usb modem) and my access desc. are internet (both). please some one could teach me and help me to solved this. thank you. regards, Bambang