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  1. I love my iphone but I've never been able to make the jump to the MAC. I guess it's because I use a PC all day at work and honestly, the PC does everything I need it to do. MAC's just seem to expensive for me.
  2. I'm so mad I didn't get to be the first poster in the new Apple section! I just (((LOVE))) my iphone!!! Anyway, just wanted to get a post going talking about everyone's favorite iPhone apps? Here's my favorite! General Apps TWC - The Weather Channel is really the best weather app i've found. Anyone else have one they like? - Free Lose it! - Like any woman... I like to keep close tabs on diet. I really love this app! - Free AroundMe - I use this everyday. Great for finding things! - Free Wikipanion - Love it - Free iDicto - Recording app. I got it when it was free. It'
  3. Hello! First time poster. I found the site when I was at work a few months ago. I guess you want feedback and recommendations so here I go. Feedback Love the site! Sometimes I don’t understand all your posts so I think those are for the true computer people. I do love the Outlook articles however since I spend my entire day doing email etc.. The screenshots are easy and allow me to follow along with no need to ask for further help. Recommendations Like I said the outlook articles are great. I would love to see more Office articles. Stuff about Word and Excel. I’m a “mod
  4. Hi, I'm a regular reader of the site. Thank you! This is also my first post in the forum so hopefully I put it in the right place. So I want to buy a computer for my daughter. She's in the 9th grade this year. Before i get her an apple because everyone says it's better and more secure I would love some advice. They are so much more expensive than a dell and other brands so any help would be great! thanks! tara
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