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  1. I recommend you wrap your head in Tin Foil and try again!
  2. sup guys! thanks for the greetz!
  3. some guy on the site posted this also. COvers most of them!!! Here ya go! United States Provider E-mail to SMS address format 3 River Wireless xxxxxxxxx@sms.3rivers.net Advantage Communications xxxxxxxxx@advantagepaging.com AirVoice xxxxxxxxx@mmode.com Airtouch Pagers xxxxxxxxx@airtouch.net Airtouch Pagers xxxxxxxxx@airtouchpaging.com Airtouch Pagers xxxxxxxxx@alphapage.airtouch.com Airtouch Pagers xxxxxxxxx@myairmail.com AllTel xxxxxxxxx@message.alltel.com Alltel PCS xxxxxxxxx@message.alltel.com Alltel xxxxxxxxx@alltelmessage.com Ameritech Paging xxxxxxxxx@pageapi.com Ar
  4. I bet her formatted it with encryption and doesn't have the encryption software installed on the other computer. THat happened to me. The scandisk USB drive had encryption software that created a 2 gig encrypted file (acted as a subfolder) on it for me (that was configurable). In order to access the encrypted file on the usb drive I had to have the software installed and know the password. Pretty slick but now I just use PGP disk.
  5. Why even worry about this? I think to many ppl are paranoid or just dont want to get caught surfing porn.
  6. Now what tho? Not like we can change ISP vendors! well... i guess you might be able to or just complain!
  7. No, it won't affect anything. Basically you must have a really old Network adapter in your computer that doesn't do a good job auto detecting the network speed and duplex on your switch. Worse case is your download speed might be impacted if you didn't set the duplex properly. Normally it's full duplex. Nice find tho.
  8. I think it might be that your email is converted to plain text??? This would kill your ability to open links obviously. Click Tools, Trust Center. Click Email Security Tab on the Left. Uncheck box "Read all standard mail in plain text" under the heading of Read as Plain Text. Fixed?
  9. It must be a security issue in Outlook that's not configured the same as your other PC. That's probably a good thing. I'll look around in Outlook to see if I can find the security setting and post back here if I find it.
  10. sorry man. It's not free software. Check EBAY i'm sure you can get a "Legal" copy.
  11. Never heard of that. Then again, I've never actually checked my services... So even if the service is set to manual, is it running and working? Are you trying to keep Defender running or turn it off? Personally, I used this method explained here to Turn Windows Defender On or Off: http://www.groovypost.com/howto/microso ... oft-vista/ Just check the box. To test out your problem, I just verified that even when I checked the box and turned off Defender, the service remained in AUTOMATIC mode however the service stopped running. When I enabled Windows Defender by recheckin
  12. BTW - why did Microsoft make this so hard? Why not just allow us to resize the drives through the GUI? anyway. just wanted to get that out.
  13. Never used Diskpart so I went ahead and tested this out using GHOST. Just finished the first box. Worked perfectly. Like you said, after imaging the drive, the box was SUPER slow until the system came up and Windows prompted me to reboot. After the reboot, things are great. No more 95% full C drives.
  14. Hey there! Just wanted to introduce myself! I'm the "ONLY" IT guy for a small law firm. I do everything from the Desktop support to the network switches. I like it and I always appreciate a strong community of IT guys to help each other out. Anyway, thanks for the site! Looking forward to getting to know all of you!
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