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  1. Hi All, I was a bit rushed to put up this post because I have solved the issue. BAsically the Windows Update Service was disabled on the guest machine. Once I enabled it, the installation was sucessfull. Thanks for all your posts, it is a great resource for HV information.
  2. Hi there, i have been searching the net and your posts and I have followed the post "Migrate Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 VM to Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V" (http://www.groovypost.com/howto/microso ... 8-hyper-v/) exactly. I got the Windows Server 2003 right, however the Vista will not work. Basically I have a Vista ENT SP1 VPC that I copied to the Win2008SVR and loaded it into the Hyper-V Manager. I followed your directions exactly all the way to point number 14. Once I reboot, I try and install the Integration Services and I get this error with a red circle and X "An Error has occure
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