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  1. I am interested in your experience with MS Internet Explorer 9. I am currently running IE8 on a Windows 7 - 64 bit platform. IE8 is working fine for me, but I wonder if I should upgrade to IE 9.
  2. The workaround you posted worked perfectly. I have been able to completely remove the social network connector and am no longer being annopyed by the people pane. This may be a nice feature, but for certain offices that are regulated by privacy legislation it is a very dangerous part of MS Office 2010
  3. Does anyone know how to completely disable the social network connector and people pane. I know that I can turn it off, but that does not mean it doesn’t send the attachments. This feature can cause us a lot of problems with the privacy legislation. We are a law firm and have to be extremely careful. We just changed a week ago from XP and Office 2003 to Windows 7 and Office 2010. I have spend an entire morning trying to disable this feature without success. Even though I deleted the social network option in the options of Outlook, it still sends out attachments. My tech people have been working on this as well, without any luck. Any help in totally eliminating this from Outlook 2010 would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.