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    Virtual Clone Drive issue

    this is vista 32bit & yes i have tried rebooting, turning the system off and waiting 2 or 3 hours for no reason etc.. i have also tried installing and uninstalling. this is a brand new machince right out of the box not a rebuild or an machine that has had mulitple things installed or uninstalled etc.
  2. rickyd74

    Virtual Clone Drive issue

    in vista i don't see the clone drive in explorer however the vc icon is on the desktop. it's almost as if the application is not installing even though it says it is.
  3. rickyd74

    Virtual Clone Drive issue

    im having trouble with this , i downloaded & installed the program , however when i go to mount , it does not give me the option to do so . there is a manual file for a shortcut and an uninstall file . when i right click virtualclonedrive , explore open search scan with ad aware , these are the things listed . what am i doing wrong? i've rebooted the vista home premium edition machine and tried it just sits there. this is an amd turion processor..not sure if that has anything to do with it or not. any help you can give is appreciated.