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  1. HI, I have an old DOS stand alone .exe program that runs with Windows if you ALLOW it to and IGNORE the caution about its 16 bit nature. I wrote it and have updated it so it works. Windows doesn't let you print to LPT1 so I have the program create a .txt file that can be printed later. It also doesn't use a mouse. So here's my question. Will such a program run on the new phones??? Here's a link to the readme file and to the app itself if your interested and would like to try it. It's FREEWARE. To unpack it, put it in a folder and change the .xex to .exe. readme - http://www.pointshooting.com/readme.txt program - http://www.pointshooting.com/expenses.xex I'm not a geek, just and old timer who plods along. Best regards.