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  1. Well, MrGroove,


    I am trying to use a VPN on a HOST and at the same time work with the internet with no restriction through the guest.


    The guest is limited in screen resolution, and does not quite fit my need as far as over-VPN applications.

    Therefore, I need to tie the VPN to the adapter driver on the host.

    But I am not able to get the guest to have an independent driver bound to the physical adapter.


    Who knows where the problem is, but looks like I'll need to research this further.

    Many thanks to the groovy team :)




  2. Hi,




    Thanks for taking the time to try and help out.

    I tried most stuff you've suggested.


    The HOST has relatively new hardware- Intel CORE DUO 3Ghz, Asus PQ5 motherboard, 4Gb RAM etc.

    The physical network adapter I'm mapping the GUEST to is onboard (as most motherboards come with them) etc, so it's new. PCI-E, Gigabit etc.


    The intel 21140 is unfortunately not on the Intel website anymore. I thought that could be an interesting idea but I can't actually find an updated (or any) matching driver to install instead. The PRO2KXP package does not seem to detect a network card when running on the GUEST. I don't think it actually has this driver, but either way.. it's not detecting it. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the VMAs.


    The only thing I didn't know what to do much about was your #2.

    How would I know if VPC did not install the VMNS properly?



    You said earlier

    "Since it's not able to contact the dhcp server, the fact that it thinks it's receiving a duplicate IP address makes me think it's something to do with your network card."

    That sounds very reasonable. But I've updated to the most current driver. Could it be that other components installed on the physical network adapter are interfering?


    "Deterministic Network Enhancer"

    Or other settings on the adapter?




    Any other ideas?

    Is there hope for this business? :)


    Thanks everyone - for all the help thus far.


  3. I now updated to the latest Virtual PC SP1.

    My Windows Firewall has been disabled for a while now - I don't use it in general.


    I tried to assign a static IP to the GUEST, but it didn't communicate with the modem or the outer world.

    I suspect that the guest is not getting to the modem, just like you said.


    I removed, then reinstalled the VMAs. No change.

    Bytes received on the GUEST local connection is 0.


    Could the problem be with the VMAs still?

    At this point it doesn't appear to have anything to do with the modem.

  4. As far as I know, the only binding between the provider and myself is via the modem MAC address, not the network adapter.


    I tried releasing the connection from the HOST and obtaining just one IP from the GUEST.

    Didn't work also.


    Why not NAT?

    I want to run stuff on both HOST and GUEST and not have them interfere with each other, despite the fact that they're both using the same physical network adapter.


    I'm not sure if it's a limitation of Virtual PC/XP/etc or just a configuration problem or something fixable etc.


    Any ideas?

  5. Hiya,


    I have a very similar problem.


    Virtual PC 2007, XP OS on an XP host system.

    Clean installation.


    When I map the GUEST to the physical adapter of the HOST, I cannot connect to the internet or get an IP.

    When I try to obtain IP, I get "unable to contact your DHCP server. Request has timed out".


    Virtual Machine Additions is installed on the GUEST.


    I have cable internet and the HOST has no problem connecting.

    I used NAT in the VM and it works, but I want the VM to obtain a physical address instead.


    Any suggestions?




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