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  1. Anyone grab Wordpress 3 yet and get it going? So far I don't see all the fuss with the upgrade. I upgraded my blog and things are looking fairly normal still. Anyone having issues with any plugins so far?
  2. Yeah, you cannot format your system drive. it would delete the format.exe command your using to do the format! (and the GU you launched the format from). I think the worst thing you will find is if it's the physical drive that is giving you issues, a close of the drive is not going to help unless you image it and put it onto a new drive.
  3. Now that is pretty awesome. 50 Gigs! LOL that's crazy... Never thought you could install that much software on a SINGLE BOX!!! LOL... my boss is gonna freak when he see's this lol.
  4. you and about a million other people.... nice story tho! google/google-voice-invite-request-t95844.html
  5. I think I would play with ie9 but I'm actually having a good time recently with Chrome. I know it's google but, it's actually really nice....
  6. Joseph

    Hero's Thread

    oh great. Silar is do powerful now so what do they do? They make him a GOOD GUY. Yeah... that makes sense. Sorry to say but that show is heading down the tubes.
  7. I'm guessing yes.... They just released an update for Word 2010 so I'll bet another one for outlook is coming (i hope).
  8. Yup yup.... I've got the same issue as well.. Will just need to upgrade LCS to OCS 2007.
  9. Yeah, i've seen that before but only after like 10+ people in under 5 minutes. I think it's a way for Facebook to keep spammers from sending friends to all 400+ million people using the service. I think it's actually a good thing.
  10. Heya Rusobr2! I've tried every search engine but I can't come up with anyone who is having the same issue. So with that said, what I would do is go grab Revo or another Uninstall utility here: hardware-software/java-problems-t95758.html?hilit=uninstall#p96586 And do an uninstall of the Bing Bar. Be sure to reboot as well. You might also want to run CCleaner also after using Revo then reboot. This should clean everything up. Once that's do, try the install again. Also, make sure you are downloading the right installer (32-bit vs. 64-bit). Let me know if this helps!
  11. Joseph

    Hero's Thread

    is there a new heros tonight?? it seems to be picking up.
  12. Groove master sweet! I'm just a contributor :(
  13. Ok, you should be able to get into your local group policy by clicking the Start button, and type gpedit.msc Now, navigate to the following location: Local Computer Policy -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Defender Once you Click Windows Defender on the Tree on the LEFT, on the right you should get all the Group Policies. Look for "Turn off Windows Defender". I assume that's the key you need to set it so that it's Disabled or Not Configured. Here's what it says when I clicked on it: Keep us updated here!
  14. So you need to make sure your DNS is able to resolve your VPN Host server. If your connecting remote (Off network over the internet) your home computer will obviously not be able to resolve DNS for the VPN HOST server if your forwarding the posts through your firewall and into your Windows 7 host on your internal work network. What I do is my firewall at home is configured with DNS vpn.homedomain.com. This allows me to resolve my VPN client to my home firewall. My home firewall then forwards the packets to my Windows 7 box which is hosting the VPN host/connect STUFF etc.. From there I'
  15. Tested this with my iPhone. Here's what I found. 1 - Created a new contact. a - Entered first, last and company b - Clicked Save Company Exchange Outlook Updated 2 - a - Added Mobile number b - Clicked Save Company Exchange Outlook Updated Wow... I had no idea it was updating on the FLY. That's suprising.... I tried to keep this from happening by turning off "PUSH" under the Mail settings however even this didn't fix it. My guess is your out of luck. Sorry man.
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