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    Cannot clear cache in Firefox 3.0.4

    My firefox is getting slower everyday. It did better than chrome but now it is a complete mess as compared to the chrome. Does it has anything to do with clearing cache, which i just did few days back?
  2. Sarah Hastings

    iphoto Vs. Picasa

    I think iPhoto is a lot easier to manage and explore for a newbie
  3. I was told about this browser called Skyfire can I get it without a jailbreak. It is globally available browser which allows Adobe Flash Player videos.
  4. Sarah Hastings

    Get my paid apps onto iTunes? iphone

    I have a similar problem. I have purchased few apps from the App store and whenever i try to sync my new iPhone with iTunes to get them on my Phone, it says you are synced with another library. How can this issue be solved?
  5. Sarah Hastings

    iPhone/iPod syncing

    I think syncing does gets very tricky when we have to sync more than one device. We are more vurnerable to loosing data or erasing it unnecesarily. So one needs to be extra careful in this respect and lets hope Apple comes up with a better and easier solution to access iTunes because with time it is going to get more complicated. As more and more devices and apps are added up in Apple's family
  6. Sarah Hastings

    cannot access my w7 from my XPsp3

    I have recently upgraded to Windows 7, overall I am satisfied with its performance but it does not access a certain website which i can access using my phone or in office. I don't know how to fix it. Is there any troubleshooting available for this type of problem?
  7. Sarah Hastings

    Lord of the Rings Online is free now

    I think its too slow and boring. The graphics are poor ...i do not find it worth playing, even after it is free.
  8. Sarah Hastings

    Anyone like iHop?

    lol, well I totally agree, morphology is almost same as a toothbrush, and my google results show only a that what iHop is? Never heard of it before
  9. Sarah Hastings

    iPad book shelf app, Free on iPhone or iPod! Limited Time

    Sweet app.. is this still available. I am so in love with books, and I always miss these sort of chances...
  10. We all know that iPhone 5 is bound to come...Let us list our expected date and features we seek in the new iPhone 5. What changes it should carry in comparason with iPhone 4 please share
  11. Sarah Hastings

    iPad killer - soon

    I totally agree, competition brings in quality and increases innovations. I think it is going to be beginning of a new era... we now have to see whether tablets or laptops win the battle also androids, window 7 and iOs contest is going to be very interesting for techno developers and users world wide.
  12. Sarah Hastings

    Headphones w/ Mic for iPod Touch

    i Think ebay is the best site if you search for cheap gadget accessories, smart phone case and stuff. But I have no experience of buying a headphone or mic...but i think you should check it out.
  13. Sarah Hastings

    How to forward calls on iPhone to home

    There should be such shortcuts available, as you forward calls when you are short of time or when you are busy, in a meeting or something. So, browsing so much to forward a call is pointless I think. There must be a simplified way for it.
  14. Sarah Hastings

    Favorite iPhone Apps?

    General Apps Skype Talking Tom Cat iLovejokes 130,000 jokes Games Cut the rope Plants vs. Zombies Platypus
  15. Sarah Hastings

    Don't smoke near your macbook

    This is a crazy story. Is it true? well if it is, I am afraid that; Apple is going to have restrictions on our dietary habits and lifestyles in order to keep their warranties and techs working ..i wonder what's next!
  16. Sarah Hastings

    iTunes alternative for iPhones ?

    I have been looking for an Alternative lately and spotted one for free and i do not remember the name...anyway if you want only transfer and syncing I suggest you try My Phone Explorer....haven't tried it with Iphone yet....hope it works...and itunes as well as the latest OS updates are full of many frustrating bugs....hope Apple comes up with a good pesticide in iOS 4.3
  17. Sarah Hastings

    iPad killer - soon

    Samsung Tab rocks ap[art from easier syincing and connectivity and open sourcing its better due to its increasing app market and and expandable memory as well as being the galaxy iam thinking of buying galaxy smartphone and Galaxy tab
  18. Sarah Hastings

    iPhone 4G V.S. HTC EVO 4G which is better

    Totally agree with you... an dHTC EVO is nice but it lacks some of the chrisma of other HTS phones like Incredible and Desire....however an iPhone 4 is not a bad choice after all, I would recommend iPhone as its lighter and better (ONLY in this case)