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  1. I am using Gimp to restore old photos. There is a program, which is supposed to make this much easier. I was able to get my Gimp 2.6 version to finally recognize py programs but I cannot download the program. Whenever I click on it from the gimp plug in site, I just get a whole page of script. What do I do with that. Also, I cannot find the Gimp plug in directory to put it. Nothing on my computer can open a .py file. I do not know the specific commands to do this as I am not a programmer. Anyone use Gimp that can help?
  2. Do not care for most ringtones being sold. Would like to make my own. Can that be easily done? What software would I need? I have some songs that I would like to take a part of to make a ringtone. Use different ringtones for different people.