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  1. Just a quick note to bring you all up to date on the PERFECT WIRELESS installation of my Brother MFC-990CW. What a dream of an install. The product came with implicit instructions....had to download Win7 drivers and software (no big deal there). But, I'm telling you, this was the slickest install of any printer I've ever owned. I totally love it! And, contrary to popular belief, hooking this printer up wirelessly has had little to no effect on the printing speed. It's an awesome machine! Fabulous color! Fax hasn't been hooked up yet because I need a new line put in but I'm sure th
  2. Hi there, GroovinJackman! Thanks for your solution! I'd really really love to try it but............since this latest install of Win 7, I cannot get Thunderbird to install properly. Oh, it installs....all looks well...then I open it....consistently in Safe Mode. No matter what I do...uninstall, clean every instance of the program from the registry and any other instance of Mozilla from my computer, the program, upon a clean install, always reverts back to opening in Safe Mode. Some of the advice I've read has to do with the resolution of your display. Mine is set at 1920x1080. Sam
  3. Hi Guys! It's been awhile, I know. I've spent the last two weeks on support calls trying, in vain, to get my PC to boot to Windows. It goes to the "Starting Windows" screen then hangs. Then I get caught in the loop of Repair/Restore. It's been obvious to me, for a while now, that there's something seriously wrong with my computer. Microsoft thinks it's my motherboard. So I've been fighting with HP for the last week trying to get them to admit that, whether or not I have 7 installed, my PC problems are hardware related instead of software....what a trial! Anyway, the PC's getting shi
  4. LOL! Well, Mr. Sadface, if you happen to get your hands on it....and I'll do the same! Babs
  5. Yes, thanks! Gotcha, Shockersh....your explanation makes perfect sense to me. I suppose there's really nothing to be done about this "high speed DSL" AT&T password hiccup thingie going on. The password glitch began happening last year and seems to happen fairly regularly at three-month intervals (give or take). The last tech I spoke with said it's not really an AT&T issue but Yahoo's complex configuration of member passwords conflicting with their AT&T provider passwords...seems like a flimsy excuse to me but we are talking about Yahoo here so, I suppose, anything's possible.
  6. As I mentioned before, my last install of OpenOffice was on my nightmare installation of Windows 7. Every time I opened OpenOffice my computer would hang. Then, upon rebooting, I was always faced with another Repair or Restore. So, now that I have this clean install of 7, I downloaded and installed OpenOffice again this morning. No hanging! No problems whatsoever! And, believe me, I've put the program through its paces. I am so glad that you mentioned the program and that I decided to give it another try....sure beats paying all those big bugs for Microsoft Office! Thanks, Beyo
  7. Question: If I'm interpreting this process correctly, the "flushing" procedure clears up any old data that might be associated with your IP address? The reason I'm asking is because, for some strange and unfathomable reason, I keep getting knocked off my server due to password discrepancies. And always (as everyone does), I have to go through the ranks of first tier support before being transferred to second level techs....a long and tedious process of explanations which first tier support is not authorized to handle. It's only second tier technicians who've got the authority to byp
  8. You are contrary....you know that? LMBO!
  9. LOL! I'll take that as a compliment! Strange: •Not normal; odd, unusual, surprising, out of the ordinary: often extraordinary.....lol!
  10. You know what.....I downloaded and installed OpenOffice and loved the interface. But the program kept crashing so I uninstalled it. Has anyone had problems with OpenOffice and Win7? I read on their site that a few people had difficulty but others....not a single problem. Of course, I was trying to run it on my earlier install of Win 7 nightmare. Perhaps that was the problem. Perhaps I'll give it another try. Thanks for the reminder, Beyond_Life! Babs Babs
  11. Is it kosher to ask if anyone would be willing to share this give=away of the day from yesterday? I was so darned busy getting my server back online that I forgot to check for the daily goodies. And this Start Menu program looks kinda neat. If not, that's cool too....just wasn't sure if I could ask....so took a chance. Sorry if I've offended or broken any rules, Babs
  12. Thanks, Guys! After reading several reviews on iZarc I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. In all honesty, I love it. It's straight forward and simple and does everything I need it to do. Guess I'll keep it until it proves me wrong...lol~ Babs
  13. Well, there's a quick answer to this question. I'm quickly running out of money and Christmas is just around the corner! After purchasing a 3 pack for Win 7, a new anti-virus suite, and now the printer, I'm looking for something free....lol! IZArc is free and has good reviews.....but I've read good reviews on products I've considered to be hugely disappointing before. Babs
  14. Good Evening, All! Has anyone tried out this freeware archive utility, IZArc? http://www.izarc.org/ Seeing as how these archive utilities integrate themselves, rather invasively, throughout your entire system, I'm feeling a bit itchy about installing an app that I've never heard of before. If anyone has given this program a whirl, I'd love to hear that it's a great little piece of software. If not, I'd really like to hear that, as well. Thanks for taking the time to read and advise, Babs
  15. LMBO! I live to serve and....Lucky You....I haven't quite reached my "miracle" quota for the year! After finding a sweet little deal on this printer at amazon.com, plus an even sweeter deal on replacement ink cartridges (generic ink cartridges aside), with free two day shipping and handling, I plunked down my money and, with a smile on my face (hoping like hell that this Brother's printer is all it's touted to be), I hurried on over to eBay to see what my used HP Photosmart C7280 was going for. Surprisingly, and with the excellent condition my current printer is in, I simply cannot lo
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