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  1. I often use Skype (Free) on my laptop to send text messages to mobiles, which makes it nice and easy to type them, rather than using the very tiny keypad on the mobile phone. It allows you to set your own mobile number up, so that when the message is received, it shows it is from that mobile number, even though it was typed and sent from Skype!
  2. I am a fairly new ‘registered’ user and regularly read your posts sent via email, with great interest. I hope this is the way to ask you a question, as I have only ever asked one question (I think) so cannot remember where the link is to ask you, as clicking the Ask Mr Groove link on your website stays at the Forum. Anyway, my question is related to being able to play a CD with a wmv file on it, created by using Windows Movie Maker. It’s not actually a movie, but a series of photos with transitions styles and music files, but Windows Movie Maker will only save it as a wmv file. When publishing it to a CD it plays perfectly well (using Windows Media Player, transiting from one photo to another with the special effect and with a music file playing. However, even using Windows Movie Maker to publish to a CD, it is not recognised in my DVD player (it is actually a Blue-Ray player, but I don't need it in that format). The strange thing is, it have successfully placed a CD in it with just the jpg photos and it recognises that and I can see all the photos. I did download a free conversion program called Finalburner, and it took 15 minutes to convert the a 5 min wmv file, but after copying this onto a CD, it still didn’t work in my DVD Player. As there are several sets of photos I want to set up with transitions and music, do you have any suggestions, even if it means getting another movie maker software package?
  3. Thanks for your quick response. I will see her again next Saturday, so will try your recommendation of either deleting the Search Enhancement Pack folder or renaming it and will report back. However, I use laptop with Vista and although I have the same folder in C:/Program Files/Microsoft/SearchEnhancement Pack, I don't get it opening each time I start up. With regard to the Windows Live Messenger folder, I too use this service and have it automatically sign me in when I startup, but I don't have the same window appear on startup. I only installed Windows Live Messenger on her PC (XP O/S) and she does want it to sign her in automatically too, but even before I installed it, the Search Enhancement Pack was still appearing. I think I might possibly have opted for hers to be linked to emails (or similar option) which I didn't do on mine. Could this be the reason for the folder appearing on hers and if so, how can I prevent it?
  4. Hi I am new to this site, but already I have learned something which helped, so thank you. My query is that on my sister's Windows XP PC, it constantly opens the Microsoft window in Windows Explorer showing two folders: Windows Live Messenger (which she subscribe to) & Search Enhancement Pack I have looked in msconfig / Setup tab, but cannot recognise the file that triggers this to open. Can you help please? Jenny Novak, Norfolk