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  1. it absolutely work and it did the issue cause by "world clock"
  2. hi guy, i think it have been solved, at least, as i can't test it at the moment, but if someone have the same issue, take a look below, it mention all it was cause by a world clock add on from google store http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/chrome/tPSuSYeKPPs
  3. i have goolge much of this topic, in generally, all call people to use a spy hunter software to remove it i can detect it , but as it's priced product, i am off from it. generally, i would not like to purchase a software for just one problem, and it's not the reason i want to post my issue here if a software can done for the job i think there may be another way to solve it, so i hope there was guy he can help me in this issue. ah, i am using chrome why would i infect this virus, as i have a anti virus software, i work really well in the task, i though i infect may be d
  4. recently, i find my chrome would stop or can't finished download some file , from sources like file hosting sites, why? whether the file is larger or even smaller as 5.2 MB etc. my network condition is fine, no big issue on my PC, or i should said my PC condition is fine or normal in state
  5. i delete all file locate in c: installer. i think it's safe to do so, as i follow the direction from a type of uninstaller software, which show the destination of backup window update file, and i find the installer folder from it. after delete all file in installer folder, over 1.98 GB, i find the thumbnail issue, that all file like PDF, word , excel etc, didn't show properly . the icon or thumbnail show a frame picture, look-like a folder manager or when ones click a file , the screen show a frame, that is the picture of the thumbnail current i get. i have delete thumbnail cac
  6. currently, i have to use IE tab to be allowed me on download some file in some website, how to solve it? i want to click the download icon and start to download in chrome,not to turn on IE tab after to be allowed to download?
  7. when i enter a place, and click Google map from search bar, it locate auto in my current location , not the place i want to search, why? how to solve it. for example, if my location is in US, but i search British, oxford, the map just display the map of US, not allocate me to oxford. i can't choice or move to others place.
  8. GRoPo

    subtitle issue

    when the HW acceleration used, i find the subtitle will be beneath the player, whatever i do, the subtitle can't see correctly. but if i closed HW acceleration, the subtitle can see correctly, why? how to solve it? OK, i didn't ask just close it, it's not a solution i look for
  9. if i install window 8, fresh install, how can the current software installed in win7 can be used in new win8? as i didn't want to reinstall all softwares, i had two separate HDD, one hold software, like office, etc. so if it's available, it make the work easier, reinstall all software from my HDD is a time-consuming work.
  10. i have left a iTunes program in PC, win7. i had used things like Revo uninstaller pro, control panel etc. but it can't uninstall. the system said it's no longer exist(as it did, i had delete the folder), it can't uninstall things that didn't exist in the system my issue is i still can see the name of the program in control panel as well other uninstall program. i really want to delete it , i didn't want to see the name in control panel etc. how to solve it? i want to use regredit to delete the item, but i didn't know how to do, once i had done before for other program, h
  11. like the png, the place the arrow pointed, how to adjust it. as i find i encounter different by the enlarge NB, it make me how hard to browser the webpage
  12. by july 13, chrome/ google will stop the RSS. so how i do use RSS in chrome right now? i did't want to make any move on this issue by that time as i love using chrome to read RSS as well as browser
  13. the power supply(FORMOSA), where the guy put the outlet of fan downward. should it put upward, although there was a air outlet in MOBO in base area, putting power supply seem odd/freak? as i usually resit my tower on the floor, so the air outlet may seem freak to me
  14. 1. if i copy a mpeg1 into CD-R, will it play fine in VCD player? 2. did i had to covert mpeg1 into .dat file for VCD format? as a VCD format had severl folder, but above measure just a one file only?
  15. are the installation of power supply of PC correct? you can see the man put it outlet of fan downward, not upward
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