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  1. Thanks Simon Experimenting myself I discovered that if I just disconnect the disc all I got was a message about something like cant find GRUB . Then dead stop. Looking at another site I found something similar to your suggestions so trying that with my recovery disc created when I installed windows 7 , it would not work , the dos command screen kept saying my commands were not recognised , or no such command . ! not recognised, ! I didn't know about the F8 option , something to remember. In desperation I booted from my original installation disc and discovered a rep
  2. I Installed ubuntu os (a variation of linux I think)to try and see if it was better than windows. Unfortunately there is not a lot of software and as it is new to me I find it confusing so now want to uninstall it . It does not show up in windows or a partition of my hdd but windows will not work if I disconnect the hdd its installed on (its not my windows hdd.) My computer boots to Ubuntu screen then I have to manually select windows loader. How do I remove it all?
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