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  1. Well, I found the answer. The table also had frames. It was necessary to right click on the frame, choose Frames from the menu, and then select Delete to get rid of the frame. Then all the text was restored as desired.
  2. I have a long document set up as a table in Word 2010, and I need to get rid of the table structure. After some searching I found the "Convert to text" feature for tables in the Table Tools/Layout section. But when I used it, weird things happened. Some of the text seemed to disappear (although I suspect it's there somewhere but not visible), and the document went from 18 pages to 5 pages. When I tried to convert just one page at a time, the text became all jumbled, with some sections superimposed on others. There are still gridlines visible, so I suspect all the table structure was not removed. Does anyone know what happened or have a suggestion about how to get rid of the table while preserving all the text? I know I could just copy and paste the text without formatting, but then I would lose all the other formatting, such as italics, that I want to preserve.
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