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  1. How can one assess how effective an antivirus software is, if at all? Are there "test viruses" that one can use to evaluate the robustness of protection of your PC? Also, is there any evidence that some combination of software protection software is better than having just one alone?
  2. Thanks for the replies. Yes, I am aware of, and have the iPhone apps that allow for local file transfer. We have a home network with a separate cable modem and router. Once when we lost the internet connection, I could no longer communicate with my PC from my iPhone over the WiFi using my home wireless, addressable IP webcams, LogMeIn, StreamToMe BDrive, Polkast or VLCStreamer. I use these services either when at home over WiFi, or over the internet when not at home. My wife said to use WiFi I needed an addressable IP provided by the ISP. I was asking mostly because I didn't realize/under
  3. My wife says an internet connection is required for our home WiFi to work as an IP is needed. Why is that, and is there way to connect my iPhone remotely to my PC over a local WiFi without an internet connection?
  4. I have Elements 10. Don't see Scripts.
  5. how did you add a photo to the Facebook template in photoshop?
  6. Docs To Go will search once opened. Not sure what can be used externally on many files. Regards, J
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