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  1. Hello, I do not quite understand your question, you have your computer connected to a wireless router, but no internet service. Right? And you want to connect your iPhone to the computer through the modem? You should be able to make the connection, if you know the name of the network, i.e. 2WIRE259, and the wireless password. Both of these should be located on your modem/router. However, with the computer, or the iPhone, you will not be able to access the internet, only use this set up as a network to transfer files between the two. HTH,Travannah
  2. Hi, If you are using the Gmail web site to read your email messages, you may not be able to see the complete string in your messages. There are some good free email clients available, like Windows Live Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird, that will allow you to configure them to retain the entire string of messages regarding the same subject. This is considering that everyone the replys to the string does so within the string, and does not create a new message for his or her reply. I find Windows Live Mail to be the best, and have used it for years. It is available through the Microsoft web site. G
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