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  1. It's understandable that u don't believe me, however, although I've had a lot taken from me I still hold much hard evidence for what I say: (computer back up: pre-crash, recordings of conversations w/AT & T techs confirming bugs on computer and modem, the 2 phony netgear modems and the paperwork that came with them, etc... and even if I didn't, it should be obvious that i'm being sincere in my request for help, even if it's because I've completely lost my mind; so why is u think I deserve ur nasty reply?
  2. I'm so sorry because I know from my last 3 month's experience, and the hundreds of hours I've spent trying to understand how to... well, understand what to look for and what it means, etc., but every time I Google anything, suspicious files, remote and root access to my computer that I did not grant, modem logs, etc, I simply can't understand the BASICS of what people are talking about in order to answer the question I Google... let me begin by saying, 3 months ago I found a "Privitize VPN" on my computer and many files on my phone (both installed on the same day), that ultimately led to the f
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