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    Any free Hosts that provide the following?

    i use no problems there, and it has great features in it including cpanel
  2. i'd go with VLC as well. it's great
  3. isonuZ

    Shared folder in Dropbox

    Why doesn't she saves them locally to get more space for you to sync more pictures? I mean why keep them in the dropbox folder?
  4. isonuZ

    cannot access my w7 from my XPsp3

    open notepad and type: "ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew ipconfig /registerdns exit" without the quotes.. file > save as > set the Save As File: to All Files > save the file as xx.bat (xx could be anything you want) save it on your desktop > right click it, and run as admin. u'll see a bunch of stuff (dnt wry it's completely harmless.) when it's done, the cmd will close on its own wait 3 seconds, and try to open the websites. if that didnt work, contact your ISP about it
  5. i found a way for my XPps2... LLT smthn... but it's made for sp2 only.. is there a way for sp3? thx
  6. isonuZ

    cannot access my w7 from my XPsp3

    ok... it ddnt work microsoft had a hotfix for that problem... i tried it, i still cant access files from XP to w7
  7. isonuZ

    cannot access my w7 from my XPsp3

    ok im ganna try that and tell u what happens thx (:
  8. isonuZ

    cannot access my w7 from my XPsp3

    @beyond_life my w7 is networked with XP sp2 but not XP sp3.... and with any vista/w7 i can view files from w7 to xp sp3, but not change them however, i can view, change, and add files on my xp sp2... @Quafe24 tried that ddnt work and i can see the computer... i can access it, but with limits... on my XP sp2 machine, i can see the shared folders, but i cnt access them. it says i dnt have permission
  9. isonuZ

    cannot access my w7 from my XPsp3

    what's more to add? i have 3 systems in my house. w7, XP sp2, and XP sp3 before i got my w7, i used to access files easily between XP sp2 and XP sp3 (start > my network places)... when i got my w7, i couldnt... i found a way to make w7 recognize XP sp2 (a tool from microsoft) and it worked great. when i log on to my w7 machine, and try to access shared files and folders on my XP sp3, i can, and i can't change anything (coping and pasting and moving shit) but i can access them and open them. when i log on to my XP sp3 machine, and go to start > my network places > \\"w7 machine" it tells me i dnt have permission to access it... also, in my w7: Network and Sharing Settings > network map there, i can see my XP sp2 but not the XP sp3.... LEGEND: sp2 = Service Pack 2 sp3 = Service Pack 3 w7 = Windows 7 i dnt think u'll need more letters in my word than that lol
  10. isonuZ

    cannot access my w7 from my XPsp3

    no... \\ComputerName i can do that on my w7 to view files on my sp3, but i cnt edit them. when i go to my sp3, and try to access files from my w7, i cnt but i have full control over my sp2 cz i installed smthn on it to make it accessible (i cnt find it for sp3)
  11. isonuZ

    rar file

    umm as i understand, you're downloading torrents and u turn out downloading big files... well, that's the way torrents work. you download a .TORRENT file, and you open it with your torrent client(uTorrent, BitTorrent...) and the .torrent file links the file you want to download, and download it via p2p.... the .torrent file is wayy less than 500kb... im sry if u already knew this, but that's what i understood from your qwuestion
  12. isonuZ

    Wierd Windows 7 Error

    lol... that's not an error your system is telling u that a program with an unknown publisher is trying to open... it's not just a w7 thing... all OS(windows) and not just for unknown publishers... just every file! (mostly portables) it's perfectly normal! but i would recommend leaving it! you dnt know when an unwanted program will open on it's own. will save lives(of the computer )
  13. though DELL/HP/Acer are preferred for pple in the IT business
  14. you can get a good laptop for around $600-$700 i think it's cheaper to get desktop parts that suite your needs and put them together, but i'd go with the laptop.
  15. actually, a desktop is better than a laptop for IT stuff... but if he wants it for college, i'd go with that laptop
  16. it dsnt rly matter what u choose(though i prefer HP), the most imp is to choose a high processor and 3GB+ RAMS and a big hard drive for programs to fit.
  17. isonuZ

    Apache help

    Well..... At least you walk away with more knowledge than you started! yh exactly
  18. isonuZ

    Apache help

    hey all, i found this site from google while i was trying to solve my apache problem... anyway, i use windows xp sp3.. i downloaded apache 2.2 well port 80 dsnt work so i changed to it port 8080 i can view my pages on localhost:8080/ , not on the domain i made from No-IP and i can't view it on other computers on my network (local IP: [it's static]) though i can on the comp i have apache on what to do?
  19. isonuZ

    Apache help

    im trying to make a web server to host my domain and i cnt access the modem, so it must be a dead end for me. i dnt rly care for accessing it on other comps. thx anyway guys (:
  20. isonuZ

    What antivirus for windows xp?

    Has it cleaned your box of a virus yet or are you pretty clean in general (from an AV standpoint). it has! it has the awesomest live guard
  21. isonuZ

    Apache help

    ok.. after a big research, i found out that i should forward ports to make my system visible to the network and the internet. also, my ISP gave me a proxy internet. just a cable from their router to mine. no modem available to me, therefore i can't forward. may that be what's causing my problem then? PS: i edit the virtual host. no idea i should've. here's what i did: # # Virtual Hosts # # If you want to maintain multiple domains/hostnames on your # machine you can setup VirtualHost containers for them. Most configurations # use only name-based virtual hosts so the server doesn't need to worry about # IP addresses. This is indicated by the asterisks in the directives below. # # Please see the documentation at # # for further details before you try to setup virtual hosts. # # You may use the command line option '-S' to verify your virtual host # configuration. # # Use name-based virtual hosting. # NameVirtualHost *:8080 # # VirtualHost example: # Almost any Apache directive may go into a VirtualHost container. # The first VirtualHost section is used for all requests that do not # match a ServerName or ServerAlias in any block. # ServerAdmin DocumentRoot "C:/wamp/www" ServerName ServerAlias ErrorLog "C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Apache2.2/logs" CustomLog "C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Apache2.2/logs" common ServerAdmin DocumentRoot "C:/wamp/www" ServerName ErrorLog "C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Apache2.2/logs" CustomLog "C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Apache2.2/logs" common oh and i installed wamp as well (that made things harder for me
  22. also, you can use instead of the localhost i use it to block msn advertising this blocks the ads you see in the msn live messenger