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    Counter Strike Source Problem.

    The thing is that the game does not want to start
  2. Kumanina

    Counter Strike Source Problem.

    Hi guys!I have a problem with my game i bought it and i instaled it on my computer And I started it. The game loads but i dont see it.BTW my monitor is on russian language,and when i start the game My Monitor says"Вне Диапазона"Witch should mean that my monitor does not support the video card's requaerments.........Now i know that you are gonna say that i need to buy a new monitor but i want this done without any money in The markets . Sow here is what i want you to tell me.How can i go to the game's options and change the resolution of the game sow I can Play the F***n Game .Pls help me
  3. Kumanina

    Counter Strike Source Problem.

    Oh and the game is By Steam.And when i make to compatibilyty mode Steam says that the game must run in non compatybility mode........
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    Cant run Empire total war on Windows 7

  5. Kumanina

    New Windows 7 Feature

    What ever everithing siuts me fine
  6. Kumanina

    Changing Computer Name in Windows 7

    Do you Got a nother User on the computer???
  7. Kumanina

    Desktop gadgets disappear

    Look now Let the people try to make it a 32bit Win and then try to put the Gadgets again.And if the 32bit version suits them they wil bee with the 32bit version!
  8. Kumanina

    What antivirus for windows xp?

    For Me and My family the best Antyvirus is NOD32 It does all the stuff that the normal programs doo. But its Light and Can run on the dummest computer everrr.
  9. Kumanina

    How safe is Chrome? & other browsers

    They are enough safe the are from Google,Opera,FireFox,Safari.Those Browsers I trust the most Now I canno't make People use them if they do not like them, but they are very good in all means. The bad is that meny browsers Copy from other Browsers.Like for Ex:Opera and the newest Version of FireFox Fire Fox have copied the big red button witch stands for "Menu" And They have both options For Chrome Loking Witch is copied from the google browser.....and etc.Pretty much thats all.
  10. Kumanina

    New Windows 7 Feature

    Well the new in windows is that it Updates Automaticly,and finds drifers for the software Automaticly
  11. Kumanina

    clear search box history

    You know you should try the easier way go to "start menu"and then to "Control Panel". After the window has gone up,go to "Network And Internet"And then to
  12. Kumanina

    Defrag under Win 7

    Well....i use NOD32 and its working well and is updating,defraging,kiling viruses.....and etc.Try it,it is very good.My friend and sow am I work on Win7 and he have Avast but I dont LIke it much.But try them Both
  13. Kumanina

    Sticky Notes Shortcut

    Go to Start menu and Wright on search Sticky noteand then Click on the program and done
  14. Kumanina

    How-To Delete a Hidden Driver?

    Use the device manager to locate the device. Right click the device and select "Properties". From there go to the "Driver" tab and uninstall the driver. If the driver is not associated to a device, use a program called "Your Uninstaller" to fully remove the program and any left traces of it in the registry or system folders. Hope it works.
  15. Here are my favorite sites: http://nanoset.net/ http://zamunda.net/ http://arenabg.com/
  16. Kumanina

    Cant run Empire total war on Windows 7

    When you instal the game try to right click on the icon that is on the desktop And click on "properties" then a window is going to come upAnd try all of the Compatibility modes that are posible.Notice:Always click on "Apply " and then"OK".
  17. Kumanina

    Windows 7 Section

    Windows 7 rocks I'm glad that they didn't make it as the Vista.And thats why I want the Windows 7 section The most proved windows.
  18. Kumanina

    Groovy Windows 7 Backgrounds

    Well here is my photo's LoL