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  1. Update: I think I've finally got to the bottom of this... Firstly, regardless of what iteration of chrome like browser installed all of them froze my laptop and chrome browser when accessing a particular website - namely Groovypost and The Herald Sun (Australia). For the record, no other freeze problems when visiting other (numerous) web sites. For each iteration of Chrome browser the freezing would stop when the following were disabled in chrome:flags - GPU composting and Threaded composting. Hope this works for you if you've had similar issues. It worked for me!
  2. Hi again, Simon H, and thanks for your response. Checked all the kb reference numbers and none match the one noted in your answer. This problem occurred with today's updates (15/05/2013 - Australia) and only occurred with my desktop and not my laptop, which runs win 7 Home Premium. As noted earlier this has happened on other occasions as well, so I'm going to be pretty wary when it comes to the next lot of updates from Microsoft. Other than what I noted initially there is not much more to mention. But I did notice at one point when the installation process had begun (approx 25% in) that the pc froze for about 15 seconds or there-about. I'm not too sure how to track back to which update may have caused the freeze. So any insight here maybe of some help in tracking down the culprit. Also, on checking the reliability history page a message indicated that that there was a problem with ram. As my computer is fairly new I think I can rule that one out. The freeze has only occurred with the restart after Microsoft updates and not on normal everyday start and restarts.
  3. On three occasions now Microsoft's Patch Tuesday Updates have crashed my Win 7/64 Bit p.c. All goes well with the downloading and the installation of the updates, but when it comes to the obligatory restart the computer just goes to a black screen or gets into a restart loop when attempting to reboot. The only saving grace has been to start and restart the computer on numerous occasions until a repair option is presented. Any thoughts/solutions would be appreciated...
  4. Tried this trick and it has worked each time. If I launch Explorer IE10 or Firefox first and then start Google Chrome the problem resolves itself. When all browsers are closed (including Chrome) and then Chrome is restarted the problem does not replicate itself. Wow! I think I need to reconsider Chrome as a browser but the problem is that I quite like Chrome because of its speed. Suppose I'll have to persist with the "trick" or log on to GroovyPost with Explorer or Firefox. If anyone has other solutions they would be greatly appreciated but I think I'll put this to rest. Thanks to all that have helped on this question...
  5. Thanks again Simon. Yep tried that one too, but the problem persists. And Groovypost is the only link that replicates the issue. Figure that one out! Nonetheless, in the Flags I enabled "Check for known conflicts with 3rd party modules." Hope this might yield some answers. If I find a solution I'll post it here but so far none researched on the internet have helped. P.S. I even tried creating a new profile but no luck there either. Last resort I suppose would be to uninstall Chrome completely and see what happens. But why the problem only persists with GroovyPost is the $60,0000 question!
  6. Thanks for your response Simon. Tried all of your suggestions but the problem persists. Oddly, it's only been the Groovypost link/site which has been causing Chrome and my laptop to freeze. Sometime ago other sites such as "How to Geek" and "The Windows Club" were also freezing the browser and the laptop. (No such issue with IE10 or Firefox). I have the most up-to-date version of Chrome. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again...
  7. I've been visiting this site for some time now, but of late when using Google Chrome my laptop completely freezes when clicking on GroovyPost link for about 20 seconds. Noticed this with a couple of other sites as well but no freezing when using other browsers. What's going on? Suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated...
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