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    Virtual Clone Drive issue

    I like to use Daemon tools Lite. Haven't tried virtual clone drive or magic ISO. But yeah it sounds like you have a corrupted ISO file or in some cases a file won't be readable by certain virtual drive software if it was made by another software brand, such is the case with Alcohol %120 formatted discs.
  2. So here's the dealio, I have an iphone now but I'm scared to death of dropping it and scratching and so I'm looking for a really good case that is both scratch proof and drop proof. Price doesn't matter, but I don't need a fashion case, something not ugly would be cool though. Any one have any suggestions?
  3. Animis

    Apple iMAC vs. HP Pavilion Elite m9600t

    if you call HP and request an install disk they will mail you (free) a OEM vista install cd that is blank. Good for wiping if you don't feel like buying a new OS. Also it's a handy tool to have if you do much IT work.
  4. Cool I hadn't thought of asking for a demo at the store, thanks guys and groove. I'll let you know how this little adventure turns out!
  5. Alright I checked all the house phones and I never use the microwave except for cleaning my sponges and gym socks. There aren't any other interferences in the house. I have a Nintendo Wii that connects wirelessly and it has the same issue, except not as often. I'm using a WRT54G Linkysys router, at the time it looked like the best available and it has the double antenna thing going. Although I moved the device closer to the router and I still have the same issue so it can't be a distance thing. I guess it must be the router in this case. I'm curious though because I used this router prior to moving into my current residence and it worked fine.
  6. I heard or saw something on Digg recently that was talking about how Google was going after ISP's for bandwidth throttling using an application they dev'd, I looked and cant seem to find the application, anyone else know anything?
  7. sweet list trex, I think you covered em all.
  8. Wow, pretty thorough shocker, haha thanks a lot I appreciate it. you get 2 thumbs up!
  9. I just wanted to point out that I use this all the time now, it's really helpful if I lose my phone too.
  10. Animis

    First Post

    Welcome to the site fellow groovy IT enthusiast!
  11. i used to use picasa until I read googles terms of use @ ... literally/ I steer clear from those guys now. Although gmail is hard to get rid of.
  12. you're probably in need of ram, there is some on sale @ zipzoomfly. It is a mail-in-rebate though. ... e=10006082 4GB (2x2GB) Corsair XMS2 PC2-6400 DDR2-800 Memory Kit for $50 - $30 Rebate = $20 free shipping
  13. Hey golfie, if you're looking for the beata bang for your buck go with AMD, personnaly I've never even used intel. Also from my experience ATI tends to be slightly faster, but like mr.groove said their drivers have issues. Honestly though drivers have been an issue with Nvidia too and recently ATI has been doing a good job. Nvidia still has a nicer interface though. I think both seagate and western digital make good Hd's but go with whatever has the best warranty/price.
  14. Yeah bud it sounds like NOD32 might be messing with your outlook. My guess is it is trying to scan every email so this affects overall performance but it probably wouldn't be noticeable until outlook tries to access your clipboard.
  15. Hey again, So my virtual guest is working perfectly thanks to MR. Groove. I figured out that you can drag and drop files from your HOST onto your GUEST, but is there a better way to do this? Obviously I could probably setup a shared network folder, but is there a way to share a folder internally so I don't have to transfer them through the DHCP server?
  16. Animis

    Can't connect Virtual PC 2007 to Internet

    That's crazy! I am having the same problem with the IP address conflict but my internet still works... I can't explain it I got it to this point by following MRgroove's advice up top and deleting my Program Files\VMA folder, even though that could totally mess things up it got my internet working.
  17. Animis

    How safe is Chrome? & other browsers

    ah okay, thanks for clearing that up. I went ahead and went through the EULA and didn't see anything fishy, I'm no lawyer though... I did go through Google's security policy though and found that they give you the option to opt out of some of there ad serve cookies. So me thinks if they give the option to Opt out, then the reason they must track you is in order to give you more appealing advertisements.
  18. Hey do you think it is possible to integrate Polls into the current phpBB setup? I was going to make a couple posts with an ever popular voting Poll but then I realized I can't!!!!! Thanks grooveman!
  19. Yeah, once I uninstalled the video card drivers, and reinstalled the new ones it worked..! Problem solved hooray. I must say, DVI/HDMI looks waaay nicer than VGA.
  20. Hey guys, I thought I would start a thread for all the tech deals you are finding for black friday. Share the wealth, lets goget those good prices! I found this from my digg link exchange associate. ... r-28-2008/ Office depot is having a mega deal, check it out! I will be there trying to get as many of those flatscreens as I can! Mrgroove these deals are article worthy! for the full list on Office Depot and other stores.
  21. Animis

    Buying Laptops

    Yeah I called all the local Fry's, and none of them had it in stock. Guess I can maybe try to get a similar one on Cyber Monday, if they participate that is.
  22. I am in need of advice! So with all the Tech knowledge floating around here I assume I've come to the right place. I'm in the market to buy a laptop. I am somewhat of a computer geek, however I have never "gone mobile" before and do not know what to look for in these types of systems. Also, Black Friday is approaching so I am hoping to take advantage of some of those deals. So I'm up for any reccomendations anyone might have. I don't need to run games, or 3d cgi publishing type stuff. I just need to run say Live Writer, Adobe Master Suite (photoshop, dreamweaver, contribute etc..) Virtual PC would be a plus, and probably some high-def movies every once in a while. I'm also trying to stay cheap, I dont NEED a laptop, so under $450 is my range, with a goal of around $325ish. Thanks for the help!
  23. Animis

    Buying Laptops

    This was the deal of all deals on It sold out by 1am PST though, I missed it