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    Topple is probably one of my favorite games for the iPhone, and it's free. iTunes store link: ... 20666&mt=8 Check out some screens. The sequel, Topple 2 is also a lot of fun and it's free right now.
  2. ... 13805&mt=8 Really fun game, they just released this 2nd version. Lets you even play multi-player over a wifi network. Stack the blocks and don't let them fall over! It's not as easy as it sounds. Rotate and lean to help build your tower. "There are many modes provided with the game, so that you can choose your own degree of difficulty. The animation is brilliant and the back ground music is also very beautifully matched with the visuals of the game. The player can drag, rotate and tilt the topples with the help of the touch screen of the iPhone. The new version has also been fixed of the bugs that were causing problems before. The new version is available in English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish languages. So, what are you waiting for? Just pick up your iPhones and start downloading this exciting and entertaining game and start playing." Normally $1.99 Free for a limited time.
  3. Gaming Headphones and Mic Headset. Limited time price via a shell shocker deal. Original Price: $49.99 You Save: $20.00 Price now: $29.99 Free Shipping*
  4. I think it would be funny to photo shop in Steve Jobs face over your own from the launch party shots. Would probably leave a few of them puzzled and the rest admiring the photoshop handiwork.
  5. Found this and just wondering if anyone else enjoys geography as much as I do hehe. It lets you explore Earth using multiple sources of mapping data, all controlled through a single interface. One of the things I liked is how you can click a location then go into Planetarium mode, which lets you view what the night sky looks like from that location.
  6. This is a Borders Rewards Exlusive Offer VALID THROUGH 10/12/09 40% off the list price of one book 1. In order to be eligible for this discount you'll need to sign up to be a Borders Rewards Club member. It's free. Borders Rewards link: 2. Click here to get the coupon from the official site, a printer friendly version.
  7. What model #? And does like shocker said, make sure that the modem your internet connection is coming in on isn't also a router. Routers aren't very friendly towards other routers.
  8. Hey I found this cool chart from the Mozy blog site after reading the recent post from grooveDexter. It's pretty sweet and will really put into perspective exactly what is what when talking about gigabytes, megabytes, terabytes and all that. Here it is! (Click to Enlarge) Warning: ITS HUGE!
  9. Anyone tested out the new snow leopard OS X? Is it worth getting? I've heard rumors that it is just a performance upgrade.
  10. Just the incentive I needed to jailbreak! Now I just need to learn how to program that app onto my phone.
  11. heya vkanth, Yeah like shocker was saying, Virtual PC is pretty crappy software. So if the loopback adapter isn't working,a nd you are 100% sure that you set it and the internet connection sharing up perfectly.. well then there aren't a whole lot of options left. One thing to remember is that the loopback adapter can mess up networks on a 192.168.0.xx range, personally I had to change mine to 192.168.1.xx The IP conflict issue could be resolved by hooking up a separate physical network card, and assigning ONLY the Virtual GUEST to that card. If that isn't an option you could try disabling the DHCP server on your router, and manually setting both the IP for your Host and your Guest. Or if you already had DHCP off (which is what it sounds like) try enabling it and using only dynamic addresses. Again I'm not sure why the loopback adapter wouldn't work in your scenario, I'm running the exact same setup as you and it works great.
  12. I'd recommend just changing the settings so it doesn't remember your passwords. Why is that enabled if you are just going to clear it anyways...
  13. Hey so even with the new update I noticed that you still only have 2 search engines to choose from as your default with Safari. Google Yahoo Any ideas how to switch it to... oh say, Bing?
  14. Yeah MKV is near lossless quality. You can play it with VLC player too.
  15. windows 7 is awesome.. i think I might have finally found something to replace XP!
  16. Western Digital Caviar Black WD5001AALS 500GB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive - OEM $69.99 - $10.00 (coupon EMCLSMR25) = $59.99 FREE SHIPPING This is probably the fastest drive on the market before you make the jump to the 10,000rpm drives. 5 year warranty is win. Western Digital always makes good drives. Newegg is selling it, another plus. I have one of these, it is silent and extremely reliable. Definitely a good bang for your buck.
  17. okay so I figured out how to wire my cables and got everything ready, but now my local home depot doesn't sell drills that are long enough to go through my external wall unless I get like this huge gauged one. I just need a small hole not a tunnel so I'm sorta stuck with that situation and now I have a small hole going half-way through my external wall. I've ordered a special drill bit over the internet but it will still be a few days before it gets here, will keep you posted. oh and I would do wireless, but I've tried everything short of a WiFi extender (do those even work?? they cost $100 at radio shack) and my house is just not wireless friendly.
  18. I like to use Daemon tools Lite. Haven't tried virtual clone drive or magic ISO. But yeah it sounds like you have a corrupted ISO file or in some cases a file won't be readable by certain virtual drive software if it was made by another software brand, such is the case with Alcohol %120 formatted discs.
  19. So here's the dealio, I have an iphone now but I'm scared to death of dropping it and scratching and so I'm looking for a really good case that is both scratch proof and drop proof. Price doesn't matter, but I don't need a fashion case, something not ugly would be cool though. Any one have any suggestions?
  20. if you call HP and request an install disk they will mail you (free) a OEM vista install cd that is blank. Good for wiping if you don't feel like buying a new OS. Also it's a handy tool to have if you do much IT work.
  21. Cool I hadn't thought of asking for a demo at the store, thanks guys and groove. I'll let you know how this little adventure turns out!
  22. Hey there, I'm wondering how someone would go about running a cat5 Ethernet cable around their house and then rethreading it. I have a 300 ft cable I'm just not sure how to rethread the connectors on the end.
  23. Alright I checked all the house phones and I never use the microwave except for cleaning my sponges and gym socks. There aren't any other interferences in the house. I have a Nintendo Wii that connects wirelessly and it has the same issue, except not as often. I'm using a WRT54G Linkysys router, at the time it looked like the best available and it has the double antenna thing going. Although I moved the device closer to the router and I still have the same issue so it can't be a distance thing. I guess it must be the router in this case. I'm curious though because I used this router prior to moving into my current residence and it worked fine.
  24. I'm having an interesting problem. My wireless internet broadcasting from my router is just randomly going out. I'm not sure why. Here is what it looks like. You see I have full green bars, either 5/5 or 4/5 and it just won't connect... Sometimes it does though, like right now I'm using it to post this. Any ideas?