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  1. Purchased the ones from ebay ... t+with+Mic They work great with my iPod Touch 2g! Just got off a 45 minute Skype call and the sound quality was crystal-clear. I would highly recommend not only the headphones but Everydaysource is a great ebay seller too.
  2. Toys R Us is doing a game deal for the Playstation 3. ... ntryflash& Buy two of the games below, and get a $60 Toys R Us gift card. Eligible Playstation 3 Games: Army of Two $60 Bayonetta $60 Darksiders $60 Dark Void $60
  3. sweet backgrounds guys Thought I'd stop being lazy and so here's mine! The website I got them from has every possible resolution you could imagine so I put the link to the image on their site above each picture. ... unset.html ... _2010.html ... lence.html ... erful.html ... eaven.html ... enity.html ... orlds.html Mine are more realistic, but I really do like the style that GoLfie's backgrounds use.
  4. This makes sense, the WIndows 7 drivers are almost guaranteed to be compliant with Windows 7, they might not be as new as the drivers on the Nvidia site but if they work who cares!
  5. Anyone know of a iTunes alternative that will work for iPhones? I don't need app support, just a way to transfer music and other files.
  6. Nice, didn't know thunderbird allowed this. It's rather confusing that the folders have an RSS icon under the account list. I didn't even know those were folders!
  7. Comcast and Pizza companies have two things in common. They overcharge for their products/services and then offer huge discounts to attract new customers and retain old ones. The standard price for a 12Mbps Comcast Cable internet conection is $43 per month. If you are a new customer you can get this price down to $19.99 for 6 months. If you are an existing customer you can get it down to $29.99 for 6 months, maybe even less depending where you live. Here's how to get discounted Comcast Internet Contact comcast or call 1-800-COMCAST If you are not a current customer talk to someone about signing up for an account and mention the $19.99 promotion. Refuse to sign-up until they give you the price. -Simple If you are an exisiting customer, tell them you would like to close your account and end service. You'll then be transferred to the Customer Retention department. Customer Rention has all the power when it comes to your account pricing, you are wasting your time if you talk to anyone else about it. [*]They'll ask you why you are canceling, say "it's too expensive." If you can quote the price of a local competitor that would help immensely. [*]Here is where they'll either call your bluff or offer you a discounted price. If you do get the discounted price don't forget that you'll need to repeat this process in 6 months because the price will go back up to the normal rate at that time. If you have some success (or not) please post it below with your general location so other readers can see if their area is likely to offer the discounted price.
  8. Does this mean they'll be blocking all IP's that originate in China as well? Hacking Google is a pretty big feat.
  9. I haven't tried the attachments yet.. Didn't even see them haha. I like it!
  10. Thanks Dexter, Going for the ebay one - it had decent reviews on another site i found so let's hope it's not a set of ebay junk phones. Worst case scenario... I lose 5 bucks That'll teach me the lesson not to be cheap on headphones ehehe
  11. Ewww, it only has a 14 day free trial and after that you have to pay $40. Looks like third-party crapware to me. They don't even have a terms of service or privacy policy listed anywhere on their site. I've seen some good reviews for the product but they look like someone paid them to write them, aka self promotion. Edit: Yeah so I took a look at some other forums with info on Lookeen and all of the users were Lookeen employees posing as testimonials.. Crapware! I found another tech site saying how Lookeen will destroy your .PST files, I have to agree with it since it's similar to Xobni which can do the same thing. Link: ... -and-xobni Katie, Your best bet is what grooveDexter said to do, or upgrade to Windows 7 and install the Outlook 2010 beta.
  12. I use the chrome os vmdk file found here: Problem is it doesn't work with windows virtual server. -Err I haven't tried but I'm guessin it doesn't. You need virtual box to run it.
  13. I know this is possible.. I haven't done it in a while though - I'll try to figure it out for ya!
  14. I'm looking for a cheap but GOOD pair of headphones w/ mic included for the iPod Touch 2g. I haven't purchased the 3.0 software update yet so I can't go bluetooth, but I kind of want a wired connection anyway since its cheaper. I really don't want to spend more than $5, and there are A LOT of them available for under that price. The problem is that I don't know which ones are good and which ones suck. If anyone has any reccomendations, I'm guessing iPhone headsets will work as work just as good with the iPod as they do with the iPhone.
  15. One thing I noticed is after logging in the forum doesn't redirect me back to the page I was on sometimes. Not a big deal but it is kind of annoying.
  16. sweet, now I just need to figure out how to get my domain name off of godaddy after the 1 year expires
  17. running 8 gigs here. No memory problems, even on VM's!
  18. Hmm I'm not noticing anything, but then again I didn't update anything. I'll let you know how it goes after it's done
  19. like Vadim said, the drivers are really important. Google the model # of your printer and then see if there are windows 7 drivers available. Make sure you are getting the right kind too, 32 bit or 64 bit.
  20. after reading a few groovyPost articles I started following for google news. I found an official response and action to the scam sites, ... -to-court/ To sum it up, Google is pissed. They are going sue happy against anyone using their name to scam people, and they are permanently deleting their adsense accounts and removing them from the Google search results index. Google is then taking it a step further and doing the same for ALL scam websites, If you find a site you can report it at This will work for websites who said you spam emails as well.
  21. [quote name="MrGroove" Thnx. The price is right also. If you don't like it' date=' blow it away later. [/quote] Gotta agree with that!
  22. if only there was a way to undo text messages. If you send em through email you can! But that kind of negates the whole in-network text messaging plans.
  23. Internet Explorer 8 fails in more ways than I ever thought possible. It just plain sucks.
  24. I found PlayON works. It's not exactly free but it works AWESOME! I've been able to watch everything on Hulu without a hassle. You can use the 14-day trial, and it works from virtual machines so you can create a snapshot before installing it and just revert and reinstall as many times as you want. There is also a crack out there somewhere, however that doesnt work too well because whenever they update it older versions become unuseable. If you like it you can buy it for $39.99. The Trial pay thing is a scam though, it makes me want to slap them for having that option, especially since its the default payment option. I do have a few complaints. Keep in mind I only use it to watch Hulu and some CBS. If the connection gets interrupted, 50% of the time you have to restart the show from the very beginning You can't fastforward at more than 1.5x speed without making the video crash It's very frustrating if the connection drops and you are near the end of the show since you cant fast forward From a PS3 there is no search function, but there is an alphabetical show list as well as Popular Items lists PlayON customer support sucks Can't stream local media, only internet site content like Hulu, but still shows up as a media server on your network On the bright side It plays Hulu - probably the only reason worth getting it. Hulu stream comes in 480p which is better than standard definition cable Hulu freaking rocks, 30 second commercials, and only like 3-5 per show Hulu makes you wait 8 days to watch the latest House episode Pluguins let you play other channels like Adultswim or weather channel It's not a resource hog and runs seamlessly in background
  25. I didn't realize this at first but if you are using Windows 7 Media Center or Tversity to stream a vob to your PS3 then you can save the file directly to your PS3. I did this with a blu-ray version of Wall-E and now I have the actual movie saved to the Playstation 3 hard disks.