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  1. Anyone have the new Droid Incredible phone from Verizon yet? It runs on the Google Android OS and it looked pretty sweet when I went to the Verizon store yesterday to check it out. Downside, it's backordered and won't be shipping until June 17 or later... But I'm wondering if I should jump on it or if there is something better coming out. Right now it's $100 after bing cashback, but.. The data plan is kind of annoying at $30 per month and the 500 minute minimum voice plan that is also $30... Not to mention the roadside assistance that is an additional $3 per month, and then phone insurance is almost a no-brainer for only $60-70 per year (broken down to ~$5 per month) Honestly I don't need any of that, there are WiFi hotspots everywhere and everyone I know has Verizon and "in-calling" is free. Oh and I have Google Voice too so... yeah the monthly price of roughly $60-$70 /month when it is all said and done seems kind of high for just a single plan. Per year that's ~$700. Almost double what I pay for High Speed internet at my house.
  2. Comcast and Pizza companies have two things in common. They overcharge for their products/services and then offer huge discounts to attract new customers and retain old ones. The standard price for a 12Mbps Comcast Cable internet conection is $43 per month. If you are a new customer you can get this price down to $19.99 for 6 months. If you are an existing customer you can get it down to $29.99 for 6 months, maybe even less depending where you live. Here's how to get discounted Comcast Internet Contact comcast or call 1-800-COMCAST If you are not a current customer talk to someone about signing up for an account and mention the $19.99 promotion. Refuse to sign-up until they give you the price. -Simple If you are an exisiting customer, tell them you would like to close your account and end service. You'll then be transferred to the Customer Retention department. Customer Rention has all the power when it comes to your account pricing, you are wasting your time if you talk to anyone else about it. [*]They'll ask you why you are canceling, say "it's too expensive." If you can quote the price of a local competitor that would help immensely. [*]Here is where they'll either call your bluff or offer you a discounted price. If you do get the discounted price don't forget that you'll need to repeat this process in 6 months because the price will go back up to the normal rate at that time. If you have some success (or not) please post it below with your general location so other readers can see if their area is likely to offer the discounted price.
  3. I'm using windows 7 and a standard LG compatible usb cord to connect my EnV2 phone to my computer. It's supposed to be plug and play but nothing is showing up. Any ideas?
  4. Animis


    looks like a well done game using the World of Warcraft gfx engine. Found a video of it here: [flash=425,344] They have an active twitter and facebook and do maintenance pretty regularly. I might give this one a try but I'm going to look around because there are about 3 others coming out soon; Mortal Online Darkfall Xyson
  5. Animis

    Looking for a good RPG out there. suggestions?

    I played The Witcher and it was a pretty fun (but very graphic) RPG. The best part about it was the moral decisions you were forced to make throughout the game. Based on how graphic the game was, I couldn't recommend it to too many people but it had a good compelling story and functional design. It also had a lot of different things to do and could keep you busy for quite a while. The combat in this game was very good too. [flash=445,364] I also liked Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. It's heavily focused on the story line and solving puzzles, so much so I felt like the combat was really lacking throughout the game. There are about 100 different classes to play through the game and about 20 different paths to take, so playing the game in it's entirety could literally take years. [flash=445,364] If you want to go Old School style and pick up a SNES emulator, I still believe Chrono Trigger is the best RPG that has ever been made. Most people prefer the Playstation 1 version of it, so that may be even better but I haven't played it. [flash=445,364] If you have any inclinations towards Star Wars at all, Knights of the Old Republic is a very good RPG series. I have only played through parts of both but they were both good for what I did play. [flash=445,364] I haven't played this one myself but Baldurs Gate is a huge top seller. Maybe someone else can tell a little bit more about this one. [flash=445,364] Planescape deserves a mention too but I only played it for 10 minutes. It's really Diabloish though so you have to be into that. [flash=445,364] Mass Effect was mentioned in a thread on here already, its my favorite!
  6. Interesting problem! I have not seen anything like it, and I've completely stopped using 2007 since the 2010 has come out. I'd suggest trying it with 2010.. it's a MUCH better Outlook. get it here: ... -download/ If you can't do Office 2010.. then this MAY help fix 2007. The issue in the kb article is related to the issue you are having although it isn't identical. From Microsoft:
  7. Animis

    TM Zero

    I newly discovered TM Zero. It's a pretty cool game. You build towers and create paths to keep aliens from stealing your sheep. It's free, but there are ads. I think it's worth dealing with the ads if you ask me since they only show up once per game.
  8. Animis

    Mass Effect 2

    I agree. That's why I'm so glad they included melee attacks in Mass Effect 2.
  9. sweet app, downloaded! Now I can catch up on reading some of those books that will make me look sophisticated.
  10. Animis

    Mass Effect 2

    I wish this was available for the PS3!!! I might have to just stick with the PC version and upgrade my video card...
  11. Animis

    Favorite Flash Games

    awesome game!
  12. Animis

    Apple iPad Released

    Prices are most likely to drop 25% within 6 months, $499.99 is too expensive. Kindle has the battery advantage, but I doubt anyone will use it 10 hours straight without an opportunity to charge it. I have to agree with "if you want to take pictures buy a camera" ideal. But if you look at the market there are a ton of people perfectly content with taking pictures on their crummy cell phone cameras. Built-in web-cam for skype and such come standard on notebooks and netbooks nowadays too. It's so similar to the iPhone or iPod Touch but it's the size of a netbook. It's disappointment because I was really expecting a mix between the two. Instead it's just a big iPod Touch being advertised as a book reading device. The problem with the book reading part is it has the potential to cause some bad eye strain because unlike the Kindle it is a back-lit screen. I think they are off to a good start but this device was not near ready for a full launch like this. I expect to see a 2nd Gen version to be out within the next 6-8 months and it will have all of the features this one should have.
  13. Animis

    Apple iPad Released

    TechCrunch just released a hands on video of the device. I'm not impressed. It looks like it's just a giant iPod Touch 2G [flash=445,364] for $499.99 I would rather pick up the Google Nexus One. It's smaller and does the same thing, plus you can make calls on it. I've already lost all of my trust with Apple when they charged a fee to enable already built-in features on the iPod Touch. •No Camera – HUGE miss/fail - no video chat, nothing... •Multi-task – this thing can only run 1 app at a time •Lack of flash support in web browsing - safari browser crashes too much with plugins.. Sure it has HTML5 but why not just use a better browser or include flash? Lame! But I have to agree this is the Amazon Kindle killer. About time if you ask me..
  14. Mwave is selling this sweet asus router. ... ia=BA24252 ASUS WL-520GU 2.4Ghz 125mbps Broad Range 802.11g Wireless Router 4-port (Retail) ($10 Mail-In Manufacturer Rebate Available from 01/01/10 till 01/31/10) *Limit 1 per customer $39.99 - $10 Mail in Rebate = $29.99 Free Shipping Rebate:
  15. Wow that sounds strange. I'm not sure how you got it to do that. So when you try to browse through your email attach dialog, and then click a folder shortcut that is on your browser. Instead of going to the folder it just attaches the folder shortcut? I tried to replicate the problem but it just won't do it! Definitely something unique. Are you sure it's a folder shortcut and not a compressed folder?
  16. Animis

    Headphones w/ Mic for iPod Touch

    Purchased the ones from ebay ... t+with+Mic They work great with my iPod Touch 2g! Just got off a 45 minute Skype call and the sound quality was crystal-clear. I would highly recommend not only the headphones but Everydaysource is a great ebay seller too.
  17. Animis

    Groovy Windows 7 Backgrounds

    sweet backgrounds guys Thought I'd stop being lazy and so here's mine! The website I got them from has every possible resolution you could imagine so I put the link to the image on their site above each picture. ... unset.html ... _2010.html ... lence.html ... erful.html ... eaven.html ... enity.html ... orlds.html Mine are more realistic, but I really do like the style that GoLfie's backgrounds use.
  18. Animis

    Cant run Empire total war on Windows 7

    This makes sense, the WIndows 7 drivers are almost guaranteed to be compliant with Windows 7, they might not be as new as the drivers on the Nvidia site but if they work who cares!
  19. Nice, didn't know thunderbird allowed this. It's rather confusing that the folders have an RSS icon under the account list. I didn't even know those were folders!
  20. Animis

    China government hacks Google?

    Does this mean they'll be blocking all IP's that originate in China as well? Hacking Google is a pretty big feat.
  21. I haven't tried the attachments yet.. Didn't even see them haha. I like it!
  22. Animis

    Headphones w/ Mic for iPod Touch

    Thanks Dexter, Going for the ebay one - it had decent reviews on another site i found so let's hope it's not a set of ebay junk phones. Worst case scenario... I lose 5 bucks That'll teach me the lesson not to be cheap on headphones ehehe
  23. Ewww, it only has a 14 day free trial and after that you have to pay $40. Looks like third-party crapware to me. They don't even have a terms of service or privacy policy listed anywhere on their site. I've seen some good reviews for the product but they look like someone paid them to write them, aka self promotion. Edit: Yeah so I took a look at some other forums with info on Lookeen and all of the users were Lookeen employees posing as testimonials.. Crapware! I found another tech site saying how Lookeen will destroy your .PST files, I have to agree with it since it's similar to Xobni which can do the same thing. Link: ... -and-xobni Katie, Your best bet is what grooveDexter said to do, or upgrade to Windows 7 and install the Outlook 2010 beta.
  24. Animis

    Chrome OS Vhd

    I use the chrome os vmdk file found here: Problem is it doesn't work with windows virtual server. -Err I haven't tried but I'm guessin it doesn't. You need virtual box to run it.
  25. Animis

    Remote Desktop Without Locking Host?

    I know this is possible.. I haven't done it in a while though - I'll try to figure it out for ya!