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  1. People must be desperate for jobs if they are willing to work for the TSA - s'all I gotta say.
  2. I'm having trouble understanding too, are you using Google Translate?
  3. So I was going to purchase a Microsoft Kinect until I read the requirements. According to Microsoft, it needs 6 feet of space to function properly. That is a lot more than you think when you actually bust out the measuring tape. I mean, for most people I think it hits right where their coffee table is. Luckily, my coffee table is sturdy so I can just play standing on it. Here's some typical living rooms... I think the coffee table is going to be a problem, maybe Xbox users will have to trade in their coffee tables? Anyone else see a problem with this?
  4. Microsoft has been a joke since Bill left. They have no vision or drive, it's just a matter of time till office is completely replaced, then Windows after that.
  5. Just playing some homebrew games on the PS3. I also found an interesting one the other day called Minecraft. Right now it is selling like hotcakes (over $250,000 a day in sales @ $10 a copy). I was thinking about trying it. Here's a vid: [flash=640,385]
  6. When you said usenet I thought for sure you were talking about something else. I guess you must like your Synology
  7. Blockbuster filed bankruptcy - Chapter 11. They did it this morning 9/23/2010. News Release: Here They just can't compete with Netflix and Redbox. Their overhead is too high, and they are currently ?1 billion? dollars in debt. They said they plan to recapitalize and change their business structure, in the mean time they are keeping their stores open as usual while they undergo this company-wide transformation... But stores in Argentina have all just been shut down completely, gone.
  8. There are some viruses that are rare and new enough that they haven't been added to the virus definitions of antivirus software. This is a weird one for sure, I'm still not sure it's a virus but I can't think of anything else that would be causing this.
  9. Yeah, Apple had a nice head start but they've already shot themselves in the foot. By being so closed and tyrannical about what SOFTWARE they allow you to run on Apple hardware (that you've paid for with good money!) they've created the "open" monster that is now Android. My suggestion? If you have Apple stock, sell it, quickly. The tab is only the first of many Android tablets to come. The screen size isn't an issue for me, but if it is.. Well Samsung isn't the only one making a tablet. Archos is working on the new Archos 101, which has a 10.1 inch screen! There is also
  10. Had me excited for a sec. I've been looking everywhere for a way to edit Wordpress articles on my phone. I have a blog that I write on a lot, but it isn't on wordpress.com so the wordpress app doesn't work. I use an Android - HTC EVO 4g
  11. I'm with ya there.. HUUUGE Assassins creed fan here. If you haven't noticed... I do try to be a little subtle about it.
  12. I was trying to decide whether I should get a fancy new droid x, droid incredible, Evo 4g, iPhone 4, or some other phone. Blackberry has the Storm 2 coming out and there are still a lot of others. I didn't even consider the Samsung but it does have an impressive processor. Here's a chart I found that should help out if you are in the same boat as me. I just wish I didn't have to pay the obligatory (and retarded) $30/ month data plan. Click the image to enlarge it
  13. Anyone have the new Droid Incredible phone from Verizon yet? It runs on the Google Android OS and it looked pretty sweet when I went to the Verizon store yesterday to check it out. Downside, it's backordered and won't be shipping until June 17 or later... But I'm wondering if I should jump on it or if there is something better coming out. Right now it's $100 after bing cashback, but.. The data plan is kind of annoying at $30 per month and the 500 minute minimum voice plan that is also $30... Not to mention the roadside assistance that is an additional $3 per month, and then phone insu
  14. I'm using windows 7 and a standard LG compatible usb cord to connect my EnV2 phone to my computer. It's supposed to be plug and play but nothing is showing up. Any ideas?
  15. Animis


    looks like a well done game using the World of Warcraft gfx engine. Found a video of it here: [flash=425,344] They have an active twitter and facebook and do maintenance pretty regularly. I might give this one a try but I'm going to look around because there are about 3 others coming out soon; Mortal Online Darkfall Xyson
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