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  1. Are you using AxCrypt or Xecrets? http://www.axantum.com/Xecrets/Default.aspx Looking at the site it looks like AxCrypt is for file encryption and the Xecrets is mainly for password storage. Any good?
  2. Dude... your in NY. what do you expect?
  3. Lot's of spammers here... you need to lock this thread MG
  4. Ok so your using Windows 7 Explorer to access stuff on the NAS unit AKA - Diskstation? That's the issue? Also.... 64Gigs of RAM!!! Are you kidding me? HOw much did that cost ya?
  5. Hey, I always say USE what works! MrGroove - You should do a How-To on best Free AV programs and how-to use them!
  6. Has it cleaned your box of a virus yet or are you pretty clean in general (from an AV standpoint).
  7. I'm all about EASE OF USE these days. I used to have a garage full of servers for stuff like this. I like your idea of just a simple NAS device. Today I'm using a USB drive hanging off my PC but I think your solution is much more elegant!
  8. You should read the Terms of Service before using xobni. Here's the areas i thought were interesting. Now keep in mind I'm not an attorney so you need to make you own decisions.
  9. So how is it? Worth the spend? They've been working on it for 10 years so it better be good! We used to have "Starcraft" parties at my house where everyone would bring over their computers... Ahhh, those were the days.
  10. Wayyyyy to busy these days. I'm still happy with my old Total War collection!
  11. poneil

    Empire Total War

    I've played it through without any issues. What OS you running on? Looking at Google there is a lot of issues with Empire Total war on Windows 7. So what do you think of the game overall? So far my favorite is still Rome Total War. I think I like that era. I do like the ship fighting with the latest ETW however there's just something about the swords and arrows vs. gunpowder that I like with the Midevil era's.
  12. Does it give you any error messages? Post a screenshot.
  13. Yes that is for sure what is causing your problem. You see, the IP address on the outside is the IP of your ISP modem. So if you try to goto that IP address from the internet you will not hit your webserver because again, that is your MODEM. What you need to do is enable port forwarding on that modem to forward it to your internal webserver that you are trying to create. If your ISP does not let you edit that Modem/Router and setup port forwarding then your pretty much dead in the water. You can still however setup your system internally and access it using your other computers in your house. Not sure what it is your trying to do however but this probably is not what your looking to do. And the result? Did you edit your HOSTS file like MrGroove asked and were you able to access your web server at least from the inside?
  14. Hmm... Yeah goLfie, I agree. Something is missing. I think the details from Alex and Mrgroove are accurate when it comes to EMAIL but not for Calendar. I don't have an iPhone but from the few I support, you cannot sync the calendar with the various services over iMap and POP. I think they only way you can sync the calendar is via Activesync aka - Microsoft Exchange. And if your a home user using Outlook via POP or iMAP, your kinda outta luck. ALL THAT BEING SAID - I could be wrong because I don't have an iPhone to test this out on and my iPhone users are connecting to the exchange server I manage and that's all Activesync so they are golden. If your a home user with no Exchange, you might want to just sync your Outlook Client with Google Calendar then connect your iPhone to the Google Calendar using this link: http://www.google.com/googlecalendar/new.html Also check this: http://www.switched.com/2007/07/05/sync ... -calendar/ Hope this helps ya
  15. Anyone have a copy of GHOST they can lend me? I used to have it on a floppy but that's long gone....
  16. Story of my life!!! Glad to see there's a few of us out there! Welcome!
  17. This is always a problem at the other end of that network cable. That's what I find 99% of the time when working on machines. Check your hub/switch or call your IT guy. I guarentee it's not your hardware (unless it's the cable like mrgroove mentioned). Good luck!
  18. You have 2 options. You can either use Hide Unvisited Add-on for Firefox or perform the following steps to reconfigure the Navigation bar: Type: About:config in the Navigation Bar Click: I'll be careful I promise when the warning prompts you from Firefox Scroll down to: browser.urlbar.maxRichResults Double Click and Change Default from 12 to 0 Tadaa! From that point forward, your Firefox Nav bar should never again display URL history. Hope that helps ya. Perhaps MrGroove can turn this into a formal HOW-TO?
  19. It's not a problem but you need to keep 2 things in mind: 1 - The PST files will not travel with you if you have a notebook PC which will make it so you can't access them. 2 - Depending on your network speed, you might get some slow response time from accessing the PST files. Just some of my experience.
  20. I was on Frys.com earlier today looking for DVR expanders. Looks like they have good deals on eSATA external drives also. Enjoy! Seaget 1TB eSATA - 129.99 and free Shipping http://shop3.frys.com/product/5697121?s ... IN_RSLT_PG ACOMDATA 1TB PUREDRIVE eSATA & USB2.0 - 139.99 (never heard of these guys before http://shop3.frys.com/product/5518520?s ... IN_RSLT_PG WESTERN DIGITAL 1TB MYBOOK USB2.0, FIREWIRE 400/800 & eSATA EXTERNAL HARD - $119.99 http://shop3.frys.com/product/5554200?s ... IN_RSLT_PG I think the last one I underlined is the best deal. Funny, all the USB 2.0 drives are sold out lol! Who would buy USB 2.0 now that eSATA is available? Oh well. Hope that helps you out!
  21. Hi What are you running Apache on? Linux or Windows? Did you restart Apache after you made the changes? Dont forget, after a config change you need to restart Apache.
  22. I'm running a "really" old version of mySQL for my personal box. I've been doing a lot of reading but there's not really anything that mentions what the process is to upgrade. Anyone? groovyDude? Thanks!