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  1. I still don't know what happened to the "pages per sheet"option at the bottom of the print tab. Other documents have it.
  2. I was able to manually print 2 pages per sheet when I saved it to a pdf file. The big problem I have is the "Print pages per sheet"at the bottom of the print tab is not there!! It is there on other documents. How can I get this back??? Should I copy the document to another new document??
  3. I have been trying to print my golf league book. I wanted a booklet. I have in the past printed it manually sheet by sheet. However, my last computer was stolen, and the new laptop has 2010. I hate it!! However, I digress.........When I try to print, I want 2 pages per sheet. The print drop down DOES NOT HAVE the "1 page per sheet"" line. Only in this document!?? Other documents previous to the beginning of the year do have this in the print options. I saved it to a pdf file and then I could print 2 pages per sheet.Any ideas why the pages/sheet option is missing??
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