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  1. Hi there Considering the security issue LastPass has had over the last few days, ( ) I was wondering if groovyPost could post an article on best practices re. password choices, or alternatives if you didn't want to the webapp route.Best Sue
  2. Hi shockersh I installed Office 2010 32 bit start out of the box, took a chance that it was probably a MSI edition, and installed the sync - works liked a charm ever since See from microsoft office support, that if you have a click-to-run version, it should appear under Programs and Features in the Control Panel, as "Microsoft Office Click-To-Run 2010". Sue
  3. Hi Shockersh We migrated over to GAPE 1st. Oct and decided to try Google servers first, with the plan to use Postini later, if all went well and smoothly with the migration. So far so good. Glad to hear your experience of Postini was a good one, great to get feedback and a recommendation from someone who had used it - thanks. Sue
  4. Hi McGroove We have signed up for GAPE, do not have multiple domains, so we can integrate Postini Message Security for free. When I visited the Google Postini Forums - there was very little praise and a lot of complaints,- like about huge amounts of Spam some people has received, a support service that left a lot to be desired, and difficulties many had encountered trying to cancel the service if they were already using stand-alone Postini and then wanted to go overto G Apps was not for the faint-hearted who might have just activated it, and then afterwards took a wander into the forums. I was just wondering if anyone had used the integrated version with GAPE, and if they had encountered problems re. Spam or malware. Thanks Sue
  5. Hi Google offers an integration of Postini Message security with Google Apps.Would like to know if anyone has integrated Postini with their Google apps account? If their experience has been good and whether it is easy to administer. I have trawled the forums and some are super happy with Postini, while others wish they had never used the service. Any thoughts? Thanks
  6. Hi Vadim The calendar part syncs alright, (just added an event in Outlook and it showed up in my apps standard acount). However because we need our contacts to sync too, we will be going over to to Premier.
  7. Hi McGroove Here comes the link with the two methods explained: ... look-2010/ These methods seem only to work for the 32 bit version. I couldn't get the first method working, but I had better luck with the second - Backing up .exe file before I made the change, just in case I needed to reinstall it later. We are going from Standard version to Premier version of Google at the end of August, so I have only tested this in the Standard version so far and with a regular Google account calendar - both worked fine, so I figure it will do the trick with Premier too (Hope I won't be eating my words later ) I will leave a follow-up post here when we have moved over to Premier and I have tested it. For the rest of my team, we may still go with one of the third party syncs.
  8. Just an update: I came across two ways on the internet on how to get Google Calendar to sync with Outlook 2010. The first involved using a previous released sync by Google in November 2010, and the other involved making a small change to the Outlook .exe file. Because this is a hack to the file, I didn't want to post the link as this isn't my site . I did however also come across this add-in (paid) to Outlook which is "compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007 and Outlook 2010 32/64 bit". and this: which enables you to " Share and Sync Outlook Calendar and Contacts folders with Google Calendarâ„¢ service"
  9. Sorry didn't answer your question - It's not a requirement per say - but being able to integrate with Outlook 2010 will make the move from the old to the new strategy a lot easier - getting less complaints is always a good thing
  10. Thanks for looking into this for me - really appreciate it. Most of my team are used to the outlook interface, and as this IT Strategy of ours (going cloud) requires them to adapt to range of new applications, the idea of being able to continue to use an interface that was somewhat familiar, was not only a comfort to them, but got them ultimately behind and supporting the new strategy. I know we should have looked into this, but we were purchasing new hardware, so we needed to upgrade our version of Office (and therefore it made sense to chose the latest version), and I thought that as Google is always ahead of the pack, Outlook 2010 would of course be supported - I was so wrong Many thanks Sue
  11. As part of our new IT Strategy we plan to move over to Google Apps Premier. For many on my team, who prefer the interface of Microsoft Office, the ability to use Outlook as a skin to google apps' gmail and calendar was what clinched the deal and got them on board regaring Google apps. Since many of them were using old Office versions, we ordered the latest - 2010. I installed mine first and got a real shock when the dialog box popped up saying that google calendar only synchs 2007 etc! We plan to make the move over to Google apps in September -and there is no plan B. I have been in looking at the Google forums, and see that this synch is still an outstanding issue after a year which is not very comforting - (freaking on the inside here). So I was wondering if anyone had an idea when 2010 will be supported? Any dates? Thanks