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  1. Windows RT is generally very restricted. If your facebook game works fine on a desktop PC, then the solution would be to upgrade to the full version of Windows 8.1.
  2. Try using the accelerometer and gyro calibration in the settings, while having your phone placed on a completely flat surface.
  3. Hey ismail! The phone's previous owner flashed a custom ROM to speed the phone up a little bit more. if you can get back to the original owner and ask him to flash the original ROM, he should probably do it for you free of charge. If he refuses or you can't get it touch with him, simply google for a tutorial on reverting the HTC One to it's stock ROM. You can ask around forums like XDA Developers for help, should you run into any trouble - people there are usually pretty friendly and always try to help. If all else fails - bring the prone to a cellphone repair store and ask them to fix it. Watch out, though - they might charge you quite a bit.
  4. I've heard quite a few nice things about the BlackWing 602 pencil: http://pencils.com/product/palomino-blackwing-602-pencils-12-pack/ I've heard quite a few nice things about this pencil and even though I haven't used it myself I'm willing to believe it really is the best one. If you don't feel like spending so much on pencils, here's what I usually do: Buy thicker-than-usual paper - any weight does it for me Buy any HB KOH-I-NOOR pencil Draw my thing Scan it Digitalize/vectorize it with Illustrator or Photoshop Print the final result
  5. Hey pengu! What e-mail provider are you using? If it's anything other than Hotmail it's rather normal to encounter issues. I would advise you to enter/import your contacts within the web version of your e-mail provider and then synchronize them to your local Live Mail client.
  6. Hey bentmenk! Happy wheels should run fine on any PC as long as it has a browser and the latest version of flash. Speakers/headphones are optional, but required if you want to play the game with sound.
  7. I had a similar issue. Turned out that I had messed up my account settings and something was preventing me from logging in. Go to Start > PC Settings and try to re-add your account. If you're using a local account you can also try to associate it with an existing Microsoft account instead of adding a new user.
  8. Hey Simon H, Thanks, I tried messing around with the various export settings, but with no luck. Nonetheless, here's the most effective solution I've found so far: 1) Choose "Export For Web" and input the desired dimensions (if you're resizing before export) 2) Export as "Images Only" in either JPEG or GIF 3) Load up DreamWeaver CS6 (or newer) and quickly slam down some HTML tables, corresponding to the layout of your newsletter (or whatever it's gonna be) 4) Upload the exported images to your preferred file hosting services and insert each image into its corresponding part of the HTML table 5) Save your file as an HTML 6) Open the saved HTML to make sure everything is working fine 7) [OPTIONAL] Copy all the HTML code and use an e-mail manager that supports HTML e-mails (like Thunderbird) to send out the newsletter (or whatever it is) to your desired addresses Hope this helps out anyone who's been having the same struggles I have! P.S.: Yes, it IS worth spending 20-30 minutes to learn how to properly code HTML tables and to have them work the way you want - you never know when you're gonna need this valuable knowledge!
  9. I'm working for a company that has me create newsletters for them to send out via e-mail. I make them in Photoshop in order to achieve a more professional look, because other programs just don't do it for me (and the company prefers my Photoshop style anyway). In order to make the different sections of the JPEG newsletter clickable, I divide them into slices, using the slice tool and assign the various URLs to each one. Then I use the Export for Web option to have Photoshop cut the image up and give me an HTML page with the newsletter in its final form. All seems well in the rendered HTML page, but if I try to copy that HTML code and embed it into an e-mail, I get tiny 1px white spaces (known as spacers) in between each slice. My boss says it's no big deal, but it annoys the HELL out of me. I tried to remove them using Adobe Dreamweaver to edit the code, but the whole newsletter displays incorrectly if they get removed. Does anyone know how I can export the HTML WITHOUT the spacers?
  10. Hey guys, just thought I'd add a follow-up to the story - I apparently made some error during the partitioning of the card which caused it to be this slow. I tried the same partitioning on an older card that I no longer needed, just to see if that was the problem and I was right. Anyway - that was a loooong time ago. I learned my lesson - no more custom ROMs and fooling around for me - the LG Stock 4.4.2 suits me just fine at the moment!
  11. Hey Bob, No, that's not the case. The card is 100% genuine and I'm sure of it. Before adding the EXT partition to the card, it functioned just fine, sporing an average of around 8 MB/sec when transferring my music through both USB and the reader. I purchased the card from the internet and while it still has a warranty, I'd rather find a way to fix it myself than to mess around with shipping, documents, problem descriptions and so on. If the card DOES turn out to be permanently f*ed, I'll just buy another one - it's just that I think there MUST be something that I'm missing...
  12. I have a Samsung 16GB Class 10 Micro SD Card. While I still had my android phone (which died after gracefully hitting the floor) I had two partitions on it - one FAT32 and one EXT. I used the EXT for android apps and although the read and write speeds on both partitions were terrible (~ 35 kb/sec) it worked for the most part on keeping my apps in the SD card. Now that that phone is dead, I want to reuse this card by putting it into my temporary Nokia. What I did was the obvious - I put the card in a reader and I completely deleted the two partitions. Afterwards I created a new partition out of the uncallocated space, using FAT32. I set up everything correctly, but after trying to transfer my photos and music, the write speed was around 30 kb/sec AGAIN. I tried various fixers, micro SD formatters, HP flash tool recovery tools and a ton of other apps. Nothing worked. Did I screw up my card for good or is there hope to get it fixed? Thanks in advance
  13. 1) Right Click on the Desktop 2) Pick "Screen Resolution" 3) Just "grab" the monitor on the left and put it wherever you'd like. 4) Hit OK to apply and save.
  14. ACTUALLY, scratch steps 6 and 7. Just right click on the preset and chose "Apply on Import". Just found this out on my own - looks like you can have it automated after all...
  15. The simple answer is - you can't. At least not automatically. Here's what you can try: 1) Import all images 2) Click on the first one and go to the Develop module 3) Scroll all the way down to lens correction and tick the boxes you want 4) Go over to the left in the Presets tab and create a new preset 5) Name it something like (Lens Correction) and keep the brackets - that way it will conveniently stay on top of any other presets you might have 6) Mark all of your newly imported photos (Ctrl+A) 7) Apply the newly created preset to them [OPTIONAL] Run around the house in your underwear, jumping in joy, because I just saved you from having to manually apply lens correction to 437 photos
  16. My solution for this is hyperlinks. Example: ... Oh yeah - and here's my current wallpaper. Pretty cool, isn't it?
  17. Update: I just ordered their Skullcandy "The Fix - In ear" buds. I have some pretty high expectations and I'm hoping I won't be disappointed!
  18. Actually, lots of people have been telling me about Skullcandy and now, with your suggestion, I guess I'm seriously going to consider them.Thanks
  19. Here's the deal: I'm looking to replace my old in ear headphones with something new. What I'm looking for: Good frequency response (20-20k) Replacement rubber tips of different shapes and sizes Very good noise cancellation (very important) Built in microphone (also very important) Volume controls and/or media buttons (not that important) Not above $100 USD Any suggestions?
  20. Try restoring the iPhone in DFU mode - there's no guarantee it will work faster, but it's worth a try. WARNING - once you enter DFU it's pretty hard to get out of it, so do this on your own risk. Connect the iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes Turn the iPhone off (hold down the power button at the top of the iPhone) Hold down the sleep/power button and home button together for exactly 10 seconds, then release the power button Continue to hold down the Home button until a message appears in iTunes telling you an iPhone in recover mode has been detected A message will appear on iTunes, notifying you that a DFU iPhone had been detected and it needs to be restored before it can be used again. Simply follow the onscreen instructions to restore.
  21. What is left on the device is probably just cache information or any other data related to the app. I believe iTunes shows INSTALL insread of FREE because it's the same when you purchase an app: once I pay my 99 cents for it I don't have to pay for it anymore even if I delete it from the iPod/iPhone. Simply spoken - it counts as a purchse which took 0.00 from your balance. As for the leftover files - you can easily delete those in Android with the built-in file manager, but in order to get to any leftover IPA files on iOS you will need to jailbreak your device and either SSH your device, or install a Cydia app called iFile. Another option would be to do a complete reset via DFU mode, but that's a little too much. If there really are some leftover files, your iPhone will probably delete them automatically, should you start running low on space.
  22. Have you upgraded to Service Pack 1? I'm not sure if this appears in Windows Update, but you can get it from here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30
  23. Hey bananajoe, I already have a PC, it may not be that well-fit for gaming but it still plays the games I want it to... Here are my specs: RAM: 4GB RAM DDR2 CPU: Core 2 Quad @ 2.3 GHz GPU: Radeon HD 6970 2 GB VRAM MOUSE: Razer Lachesis Gaming Mouse (4000 DPI Edition/Blue) MONITOR: Samsung SyncMaster BX2235 (LED Backlit/Full HD/2 MS Response Time) I also have a few other gaming peripherals as well as a second monitor, but what matters is I'm not really planning on getting a new gaming PC anytime soon.
  24. I have no idea why this happens, but you're not the only one - whenever I use chrome I have multiple processes in my task manager as well... Maybe it has something to do with Chrome trying to improve performance?
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