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    How to add music to Windows Mediaplayer 12

    A library is just something like a specialized folder. You can store files in it, but it also contains shortcuts for files of the same type in other locations (such as your 2TB drive). Try the folowing: 1. Open up WMP and select all of your music (Ctrl+A) 2. Press the delete key (Watch out! Make sure you select "Delete from library ONLY"!) 3. Close WMP and open it again. 4. Go to your music library and select all items (Ctrl+A) 5. Take them and drag them over to WMP (screenshot below) 6. Wait for the music to import. 7. Everything should be fine now. Tip: When you download a new track it may not immediately show up in WMP. To get it in the library try to restart WMP. It will show up.
  2. dw96

    Can't remove vista from Hardrive

    No need for any programs. Boot into Windows 7 and then go to the Start Menu and type in "msconfig" (without the brackets) and press Enter. From there go to the boot tab and you should see Vista in the OS list. Click on Vista and then press the Delete button below. If afterwards you have Windows 7 as an only OS, select it and press the "Set as default" button below. A reboot and all should be fine.
  3. dw96

    What Virtual CD Drives work with Windows 7

    I think everything works. It's Windows 7. It supports (almost) everything XP did. Alcohol 120% - http://www.alcohol-soft.com/ PowerISO - http://www.poweriso.com/ Daemon Tools - http://www.daemon-tools.cc/eng/downloads MagicISO - http://www.magiciso.com/ These are my personal favorites. Alcohol is good for recording ISO's for devices like PlayStation and others, PowerISO is the best at editing ISO's and Daemon tools is just a perfectly simplified ISO mounter. The choice is up to you!
  4. dw96

    Windows 7 Media Center error

    What you're looking at is the icon used to set up live TV with a media extender. In order for online TV to work you need to have an update installed. Simply open up the start menu and type in "Windows Update" (without the brackets) and hit enter. Take a look at the available updates and install them. After installing and rebooting your Media Center should look like mine:
  5. dw96

    Desktop gadgets disappear

    It's true that some gadgets don't run perfectly fine on 64-bit, but what's the reason for installing 32-bit? It will only limit the capabilities of your machine! And also I don't think that windows is guilty for this bug. It could just be a badly programmed gadget. I tried my Daemon Tools gadget right now - no aero effects interfere with it. I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.
  6. dw96

    Problems with file permissions

    Check whether you put any protection on the files from the old computer. That could be the case. Also, you could be doing something wrong. Here's the file pre-made for you. Uznip it, open it and please post back with the results. TakeOwnership.zip