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    Starcraft II - It's About Damn Time!

    Wow. Hi guys, didn't see all the heat here. From me... it's probably worth the spend. Strategy and overhead view style games aren't really my thing, but considering my friend got it and completed it for about 3 days I guess it's pretty addictive. I haven't had much time to play it, but this is a rare combination of good graphics and a good game play. Just to note - I grew bored of PC games anyway, haven't played for months. The only thing I'm kinda looking forward to dump my cash on is Assassin's Creed 3, but there is a loooooooooooooong time until it comes out, so let's not speak useless things. I give Starcraft II 4,8/5 - Those 0,2 points are cut out just because the system requirements are a little too high. About 3 of my friends say they won't be getting it just because they won't run it...
  2. dw96

    LOL! It's my birtnday today!

    Thanks :) :)
  3. dw96

    50 DvD-R & 50 CD-R for $10

    Absolutely awesome deal! I think I'll get some. Edit: Ouch. Says they're out of stock...
  4. dw96

    New Weather Page on Bing

    Bing is good at those basic things like maps, weather, dining out etc... But it overall doesn't bring anything new to the actual searching, so that's what makes it unsuccessful. Looks like Microsoft will suffer from some of it's mistakes yet again.
  5. Is there an application with which you can sethow mych RAM and CPU can an application use? I've had many cases where the program I need the most runs slowly because the other programs are eating too much of my system recourses. It would be nice to have an app for that, I'd love to manage all my CPU & RAM allocation. Anyone have any suggestions?
  6. dw96

    iPhone 4G V.S. HTC EVO 4G which is better

    @JoelPetersenIT: Faulty unit? Didn't it have a warranty? Why didn't you replace it? @Beyond_Life: Trust me - Nokia will NEVER go down. So what if S60 is going down? Nokia said it - their last device on S60 will be the Nokia N9 (coming in about 2 years). Rumours say that 2 years is a long time, so until the N9 becomes official, they may even consider putting it on Android... So... NOKIA FOR THE WIN! People care about the hardware more than the software, but OK, I agree that Android can take full capability of your phone while symbian can't. Still, how come Nokia is still number 1 with Android massively plowing through all competition - simpe answer - not the entire world needs phones that have apps, games and BLAH BLAH BLAH. I mean, I sure need one (LOL), but all my grandma needs is to be able to make calls easily and have a long battery life. So she got a Nokia 1112. Make sense? I'm sure it does. Same with my dad, he doesn't need any Internet or apps on his phone - he just wants to be able to call people - he has a Nokia 2600. You get the point. I also have to add a very big WHO-CARES-ABOUT-THIS-STUFF-ANYWAY to this topic, because in the future phones will have a Dual-Boot - just like computers. Say I start it up and I get to choose between Symbian or Android, depending on what I want...??? I'm sure this will one day happen. Alright, gotta finish working now and then I gotta go to bed... ROFL...
  7. dw96

    InvisibleSheild for Nokia X6

    Yeah, but I heard that the regular screen protectors you get in the stores for 3 bucks last about a week and then they need to be replaced, otherwise you'll get your entire screen in glue... Also, Just to note, I live in BULGARIA. Every product out here is likely to be an absolute piece of TRASH! 90% of the stuff is imported from f*****g China and nothing is good. Plus, I want my phone to remain in a perfect condition (almost perfect), so I want invisible shield, because it covers the back and sides of your phone too...
  8. dw96

    InvisibleSheild for Nokia X6

    Do you think that THIS is a good bargain? I'm thinking of getting it.
  9. dw96

    lost window off screen

    - Open the window that's offscreen - Press "Alt & Space" - Press "M" - Use your arrow keys to move the Window - Press Enter when done I'm 100% sure this will work! Edit: Hey, wait, you don't need the arrow keys - you can just tap an arrow key once and then move with the mouse. Click when done.
  10. It sounds like an issue with the mobile version of outlook,so I think it's the phone, but I'm not sure. Best way is to really set up everything all over again
  11. LOL, that's a whole lot of stuff just to get it working! Cheers to the guy who made this tutorial BTW. I'm gonna try this as soon as I get some more free time.............
  12. It's fixed now. Been borwsing for days. Haven't had this issue anymore.
  13. dw96

    Defrag under Win 7

    Just to point out - defragging will soon come to an end, since we'll slowly start moving to SSD's (mostly as their capacity increases). And again, if you own an SSD do not, and I mean DO NOT try to defrag it. Defragging it will decrease it's lifespan and may even cause read/write errors. Untill then, let's just stay with HDD's - we won't be getting 1TB on anything else!
  14. dw96

    InvisibleSheild for Nokia X6

    Thanks. I heard that InvisibleSheild is actually the best screen protector out there and I'm considering getting one
  15. I think it's fixed...?!?! Steve, did you do something? Today I browsed both with Opera and IE, but didn't encounter this issue. Not even a single time. Maybe it's just a temporary bug for the newer articles, because if I try to open something older it loads perfectly. @Beyond_Life: Yeah, I haven't had this on my phone either (Nokia X6 s60v5). I've opened it with Opera Mobile, Opera Mini, Default S60 Built In Browser and even loaded our site on SkyFire in an android phone in the phone store. None of this happened...
  16. dw96

    New Weather Page on Bing

    I do, but not that heavily. I just use it more often... And, yes, Bing will soon be wiped out...
  17. File limit up to 5 gigs. Incredible simplicity, amazing user friendliness - http://www.filedropper.com/
  18. dw96

    iPhone 4G V.S. HTC EVO 4G which is better

    So what if it's open? Then I'll switch to Ubuntu on my PC just because it's open... LOL... Whatever. Let's stop arguing, we got miles offtopic. You know what rule 26 states - any topic can be turned into something totally unrelated. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, you might wanna look here.
  19. It happened in IE too, so I'm assuming it's not Opera? It could be, I don't know... This is just quite annoying...
  20. dw96

    Favorite Flash Games

    Hell yeah! So addicting!
  21. Dude, those are torrent websites, LOL. We're looking for online file sharing and free hosting here...
  22. Definite yes, I think it's awesome!
  23. No, no you don't get it. I mean that it does this:
  24. From time to time articles on the homepage don't appear. I have noticed this behaviour in IE and Opera only, but I think you should get a look at what can be done.
  25. Yeah VLC is cool, but if you're gonna need to play more videos, give Windows Media Player Classic a shot... Sent with my phone