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  1. Paint won't do, but do a google search for image resizing software and you should come up with many easy to use and lightweight programs. Just make sure that when you are resizing you don't lock the aspect ratio. If you do, the final resolution might not match 1000 x 288.By the way, what do you need this for (if it's not a secret of course)? Some kind of banner?
  2. dw96

    How to find a downloaded excel file

    Open the Start menu. To show all indexed Excel 2003 documents, type in this:*.xls To show all indexed Excel 2007/2010 documents, type in this:*.xlsx If the file you are looking for isn't showing up, try clicking the See more results button to expand your search.
  3. dw96

    Random game crashes?

    From what I understand, your video card must be overheating. Since you mentioned your computer is old, if it isn't under warranty anymore you can open it up by yourself and clean up all its fans from any dust that is preventing them from functioning correctly. If you are afraid to do this by yourself, though, you should bring it to a computer store for a professional clean, which can cost you anywhere from 7 to 25 dollars, depending on how you want your computer cleaned.You should also check your operating system for any faults and try a system repair or system recovery if cleaning doesn't do the thing.
  4. Yo all, here's the deal - I've got a ATi Radeon HD 4850, quite good, but it's kind of giving me a headache when it comes to running newer games - 15-20 frames on GTA IV with high settings doesn't sound good to me... So the deal is - do I crossfire my current 4850 with another one or do I just buy a new GPU, like a 6950 or a 6970? It's a tough decision to make - just to note - it's not really about the money here, it's just that I'm not 100% sure if the 6000 series is right for me. P.S.: Yes, I absolutely MUST get 2GB of GPU memory if I will be going for a new one.(this question is also in the forum: http://www.groovypost.com/forum/hardware-software/crossfire-vs-new-card-t97008.html)
  5. I have a laptop I am not using and instead of just selling it and making BARELY any cash (since it's an old laptop) do you think I should start getting into Ubuntu? I've heard a lot of great things about it, but I'm not sure if I should try it and start "exploring it". Let me hear from you, though, do you think it's a good OS?
  6. No known solution for this yet... The best thing would perhaps be to just keep on removing them from the msconfig Startup tab every time you notice something ain't right during startup.Annoying - yes, but it's not THAT much of a troublemaker...
  7. 1.Right click the Start Button2.Click Properties3.Open the Start Menu tab4.Press the Customize button5.Now at the bottom of the window you should see the two settings for recent apps and for jumplists. To disable recent programs just set the first one to zero and you'll be all done.
  8. dw96

    Thunderbird as good as Outlook?

    I completely agree with Alex. One thing I must say about Outlook is that for me it has an easier interface than Thunderbird, but then again, Outlook costs $$$ and Thunderbird is free.
  9. Personally, I like both AMD and Intel. It's just whatever comes in handy for you and what you can afford. I have been working with both AMD processors and Intel processors. I have to say Intel is cooler and "feels" a bit more stable, whilst some AMD processors can reach huge temperatures (mostly Athlon series and some 3x core ones). You should just stick to what best fits you - Intel VS AMD is like Microsoft vs Apple - a neverending battle in which you can never determine a winner.
  10. Let me drop this on you real quick: I have a 4850 HD with 512MB of video memory and it's starting to loosen on me, since my games lag... I have two options: ONE - get another 4850 and crossfire it, saving some money and coming up with a temporary solution for about a year and a half more worth of HD gaming or TWO - scratch that and go for a nice shiny 6950 with TWO HOLY GIGS of vRAM? I'm all in for the 6950 even though it's like... 330 USD... I still want to hear your opinion though... P.S.: Games I wanna run VERY smoothly: Grand Theft Auto IV & EFLC, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Crysis 1 & 2, DiRT 2, DiRT 3 (Upcoming), Batman Arkham City (Upcoming) and those kind of more "adventurous" and highly addicting titles...
  11. dw96

    PS2 turned off by itself

    I have this problem as well, the funny thing is it happens only on the newer games that push the PS2 graphics to its limits. What I recommend: 1. Breathe in, breathe out. It's just a game. Any progress lost can be recovered and saved again. 2. Disconnect the PS2 from the back power cord and remove everything - that's controllers and memory cards - if you have an EyeToy or a USB ThumbDrive you can leave those in. 3. Let the PS2 chill for about 15 minutes then try again. If the above mentioned does not work, try to get it changed, refunded or repaired.
  12. dw96

    Great Old Shots

    I love classical photography! There's just something about it that stands out from any other photo...
  13. What type of file are you trying to open (as in the extension)? Have you tried using other applications? Check if the files are corruptded.
  14. STARCRAFT II JUST CAME OUT! I'm playing it right now, REALLY excited. What do you guys think? Will you be getting the game? Do you already have it and what do you think about it?
  15. w00t! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY! I'm turning 14! Wish me somethin' nice!
  16. dw96

    LOL! It's my birtnday today!

    Europe it is. Bulgaria to be exact.
  17. dw96

    Samsung SyncMaster P2370

    I'm thinking of getting a new monitor and the Samsung SyncMaster P2370 is my final choice. I've seen cheaper, I've seen more expensive, but I like this Samsung and it's got everything I need. Here's what the deal is: > 23 Inches > 1920x1080 Full HD Resolution > LED Backlight > DVI input > Touch-Sensitive "Starlight" Buttons > Ultra-Fast 2ms Response Time Price: 409 BGN (That is about USD 272$) What do you think? I love this monitor and I've heard great reviews about it. It's also designed for Windows 7, so it will fit my lifestyle perfectly. It also fits my pocket, so that's nice too!
  18. dw96

    New rank badges

    Lol, these are really neat and groovy! I love 'em!
  19. dw96

    Samsung SyncMaster P2370

    Thanks for your response, but I already got a Samsung BX2235. I decided to spend just a little bit more money, but get a 2010 model monitor with LED back light. I know I will be criticized for not choosing a monitor with HDMI, but DVI suits me just fine. In any ways, it's DEFINITELY better than my old SyncMaster 710N (lol). I was actually considering wasting my money on an Acer monitor. I can't really remember the model , but it was also Full HD, had HDMI (unlike mine), it had LED (if I'm not mistaking) and it had a unique design that just stood out. Unfortunately I heard a lot of bad reviews about it like the stand being unstable and all the problems the monitor had displaying deep black colors. People even told me that if you don't have the right lighting conditions the blacks may seem as grays all the time. So I just went for the BX2235...
  20. dw96


    Your Samsung Galaxy runs on android, right? Why don't you get a WinZIP app for your phone and zip all the images you'll be uploading. All your girlfriend has to do is to know how to unzip. I think this would be the smartest solution. I personally use a WinZIP app on my symbian phone and having WinZIP on the go is really helpful! Posted with my phone.
  21. dw96

    Windows 7 and Dell D600 laptop

    @Kumanina - The windows experience index does NOT show the sound carmodelI personaly think that downloading the larest version of Lavalys' Everest will help you determine what model is your soundcard. And, of course, you can check the Dell website for any driver updates. Posted with my phone.
  22. dw96

    Samsung SyncMaster P2370

    Bump. Anyone there?
  23. dw96

    LOL! It's my birtnday today!

    Thanks Edit: My birthday is over now, It was on August 5th, but thanks for commenting anyway! I had a great time!
  24. dw96

    NEED HELP! PS2 turns off by itself!

    Hey there I know Piracy is illegal, you don't have to tell me, but with most of my original games scratched, my only choice is to play my backups! What am I supposed to do, buy the game over and over again every time it gets scratched? No thanks... I'll stick with my backups. By the way the PS2 is working fine now. I started it up this morning and it showed no flaws at all. I still can't beat that level on Crash Twinsanity though! :D Don't know what's gotten into me, I've beaten the whole game before, now this second level... geez The cooling is probably the problem , my best bet would be to buy it a extra fan. This thing is like a freakin' X-Box - if it gets too hot it refuses to work! Edit: Thanks for your response anyway! Edit 2: ABOUT DAMN TIME! Just passed that level I was talking about. Took me 10 minutes!
  25. Hi. I just got my PS2 modded with Matr!x version 1.99, but I have a problem. While I was playing Crash Twinsanity, all of a sudden the screen went blue (on my TV this means that there's no connection) and the PS2 light slowly started flickering from green to yellow, and from yellow to red. I tried it in the other room where it's MUCH colder (with an air conditioner) and it worked just fine. Does this mean my fan is starting to die? Should I bring it back to the guy who modded it or should I buy it a fan? Before the modding it worked just fine in 31 degrees Celsius while playing Formula '05, so I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work now. If anyone has any tips/suggestions/hints PLEASE post back...