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  1. Sadly enough I think iTunes can't do this for you, but there is a paid application called MobileSyncBrowser which (I think) allows you to set a custom backup location, as well as view any backups and protect them in various ways. Sorry if my answer isn't really helpful...
  2. dw96

    Acer, error code, 0xa... patch issue?

    You can try to use any repair or backup disks that came with your Acer laptop. Those may help. If the laptop continues to cause trouble, make sure you backup and important data before going in for a clean install or sending it to Acer.
  3. dw96

    Acer, error code, 0xa... patch issue?

    Can you give us a screenshot or full description of the error?
  4. Your actual e-mail service provider might still keep a copy of every sent e-mail on their server, depending on the settings you used in Outlook and on the settings used in your e-mail account. Open your e-mail account through a browser and see if your Sent items still remain. If yes, I would simply advise you to set up your Outlook e-mail account all over again. You know what they say - the simplest ideas are usually the most genius ones.
  5. dw96

    Why can't icloud verify my account?

    Apple have recently been having problems not only with iCloud accounts, but with registering regular Apple ID's as well. I tried to make my friend an Apple ID a few days ago, but the request kept timing out. They must be suffering from some server issue, which I hope they will fix soon.
  6. dw96

    hidden files on windows live photo editor

    Microsoft discussion forums say it is an issue occurring randomly, mostly when resizing and rotating photos. One thing you should do is make sure you have the latest version of Windows Live Essentials by going to the Live Essentials website. Also, try out any beta versions out there as well as a clean install of the entire Essentials 2011 Suite.
  7. dw96

    Outlook / Gmail Reply from

    As sad as it is it's true. After I got Office 2010 I decided to give Outlook and OneNote a try after sticking with Word, PowerPoint and Excel for so long. So far I kind of like outlook, but HELL, when anyone does the slightest update to their e-mail service (like Yahoo! recently did) outlook always has these issues and most of the time you need to reconfigure thousands of mindnumbing settings. I am probably going to be ditching outlook in the near future... Oh well... I gave it a chance!
  8. dw96

    Change thumbnail behaviour

    Instead of clicking on each open excel window from the start menu taskbar, try some of these keyboard combinations and see if you can make your workflow easier: Ctrl+Alt+Tab - Nifty and quick. Shows small window tiles. Ctrl+Win+Tab - Move through windows with the arrow keys or mouse scroll wheel. Vista and Windows 7 only. Really flashy and nicely animated. As for the registry modification, you can download yourself an application which completely forbids programs from minimizing at all, but I'm sure that won't work for you.
  9. dw96

    Groovy Windows 7 Backgrounds

    Time for some blue epicness! Going Blue.zip
  10. dw96

    IntelĀ® GMA X4500

    Hardware limitation for sure. As much as I know OpenGL can't be software emulated, and even if it can it will be as laggy as hell. Best choice is to get a new GPU. Integrated graphics is OK for an HD movie or two, but far from the true gaming world. You can probably find a half-decent 512 MB AMD Graphics card for around 75 bucks on Newegg.
  11. dw96

    The Kinect is overrated crapware.

    Wouldn't say it's the Kinect. It's more likely to be that s****y game. If kinect gets more awesome games, just like the ones available for the PS Move, I might just convince myself to get a 360+Kinect bundle. But for now, It's good ol' PC!
  12. dw96

    L.A. Noire anyone?

    TDU2 was so stiffy... Not the kind of Driving/Racing game you'd want to play. As for LA Noire, however, I am looking forward to the day when it will be ported to PC. In case you didn't know, a PC version of Noire was announced about 2 weeks ago, but there were no date or further details given.
  13. dw96

    Windows Vista??

    The difference is huge. Windows Vista is an entirely different operating system, and Vista Inspirat is just a modification that skins Windows XP, trying to make it look like Vista as much as possible. If you are planning to upgrade to Vista I would advise you to leave the upgrade alone, and consider Windows 7 instead. Vista has a few compatibility issues and is also very heavy and slow. Even on my 4-core setup and on a friend's 6-core we found that if you use vista too much it gets slower and heavier with time, making boot times reach up to 2 minutes and even more. Windows 7, however eliminates most of the issues Vista had, bringing you the looks of Vista (even more beautiful looks if you ask me) and the speed of Windows XP. In short: If you're OK with XP and do not plan to do an upgrade, yet still want some more visual styles, keep Vista Inspirat - it's lightweight and I have to admit I have used it too. If, however, you are looking for a OS upgrade, try Windows 7 - it's pretty cheap for an OS of its kind and you will find it more functional in many ways.
  14. Sadly enough the file might not be able to be recovered. Files stored in temporary Internet folders get deleted right after you close your browser. Say I download an image to my temporary Internet folder. To open and view the image, my browser needs to stay open, but as soon as I close it the file will be deleted.
  15. You should try completely deleting your setting for the inbox from which the download incoming. Just delete your e-mail inbox and set it up all over again. If that doesn't work, use any application like Your Uninstaller or other Uninstalling apps to COMPLETELY remove Office 2010 and all of its remains and then do a clean install. Bot of the solutions are a pain in the neck, but this is all I'm coming up with...
  16. dw96

    About Hacking

    Yes. I have done this before, but you need about 20 seconds of access to the other phone which you're going to hack. Once hacked, you can play music, change carriers, send messages, delete or edit files and so on. Do you mind telling me what kind of a Nokia phone you have? Different applications work on different phones, so I need to know the exact model.
  17. I never said it is impossible. What I am trying to say is that if I had to do such a thing, Microsoft Word would not be my number 1 choice. Nevermind, here's a complete template that I think is (almost) exactly what you're looking for:http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/templates/house-flyer-with-tear-off-tabs-TC001017842.aspx The table can be removed and the picture above can be changed with the scanned graphic you mentioned. As simple as that.
  18. I don't own an android phone, but my only logical solution would be to load your route from your phone and then save it (again), this time with the filename you desire. Third party software and Google software don't like to dance together, so it's kind of normal for issues to be occurring
  19. How to choose an awesome monitor (simple guide by DW96) Look for the right resolution (preferably 1920x1080, 1920x1200 or 1680x1050) Look for the right response time (for office work, 5ms is fine, but movies and gaming NEED 2ms for sure) Get an LED monitor (if you can) - saves energy, produces a much more natural white color and is way better for the environment Pick a good output method - get a monitor with multiple inputs to maximize your productivity when connecting to different machines. For a PC you'd want no more than DVI, but for a PS3, for example, you need to make sure you have HDMI (and preferably built-in speakers) Make sure your wallet still feels heavy after the purchase - or in other words - the most expensive isn't always the best - look at reviews and tests before you make a final decision. ENJOY YOUR NEW MONITOR
  20. dw96

    Missing Buttons

    You should add a link so we can see what tutorial you have been following. Also, are you sure you are using the required version of Outlook? There are a few interface changes from 2003 to 2007/2010, so the button might just be placed on the next or previous setup page.
  21. dw96

    How to take screenshots in Windows Phone 7?

    Here's one for the Phone 7 SDK:http://compixels.com/2900/take-screenshots-of-apps-on-windows-phone-7-sdk-tool For an actual physical phone, however, I'm drawing a blank piece of paper.
  22. The answer would simply be No. I think there was some kind of trick that allowed you to save a document with the name of the first sheet, but hell if I remember how it worked...
  23. This is pretty difficult to do in Word... As for the size, you can go to Page Layout > Size > More Paper Sizes and then manually input your desired size. In terms of pull tags with telephone numbers you can use vertical text input to do the job for the numbers, but for the ----------- style dash (perforated zone) you'll probably need some kind of other software. I suggest inserting your scanned graphic image, writing the numbers and then taking a screen shot of all that and importing it into another program so you can do your dashes.
  24. Also, Microsoft Office has a cool picture manager which I think is called Microsoft Office Picture Manager. If you have office, you can do it from there too. Click edit image and then pick resize.