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  1. There is a WordPress plugin for Google+, but I'm not sure if it features profile integration and automatic posting. I might test this out, but nevertheless, here's the link: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/google/
  2. We have a tutorial on how to do this with Windows Live Movie Maker. It's simple, easy and non-problematic: http://www.groovypost.com/howto/microsoft/easily-convert-mov-files-to-wmv-free/
  3. dw96

    Revo installation question

    Hunter Mode in Revo is more like a feature which allows you to uninstall more easily, but it has no other perks. All of the standard features of Revo remain turned on regardless of whether you're in hunter mode or not. Revo even have a small demo video about this feature: http://www.revouninstaller.com/What_is_the_Hunter_Mode_in_Revo_Uninstaller_Pro.html Short answer: No, but you can leave hunter mode on if you like it. Revo looks for leftovers in Program Files and in the Registry every time you uninstall.
  4. dw96

    Partitioning Drive in Windows 7

    Here's a simple way to do it directly with Disk Management: 1) Open the Start Menu, type in "disk partitions" (without the brackets) 2) Click on the first option (should be "Create and format disk partitions") 3) Right click on the drive volume and pick "Shrink Volume": 4) In the "Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB", enter the size (in MB) which you'd like your new drive to be : 5) Now click "Shrink"6) After the process is completed, you should see a black volume saying "Unallocated" 7) Right click on "Unallocated" and select "New Simple Volume" Go through the wizard and choose the Size, Drive Letter and Volume Label: 9) If you did everything correctly, your new drive should be up and ready:
  5. dw96

    How do I comment

    Make sure you're using the latest version of your current browser. If you're fully updated and nothing helps, try Google Chrome or Firefox - they usually work with just about everything...
  6. I'm going to have to disappoint you, but I've been sitting here testing various office apps for android for about 15 minutes and none of them seem to work with the checkboxes at all... From what I understand, the checkboxes use ActiveX (I think) and that is a feature which you can't run on android. I was thinking about suggesting something with Office 365, but that is cloud based too and I'm sure it will still have some lag over a 3G or 4G network PLUS, I'm not sure whether 365 supports ActiveX Controls in the first place. What @Abby said, however, seems like a great idea. OneNote is available for iOS as well and it's probably a good solution. I can also highly recommend Evernote since, personally, I use Evernote for syncing lists between my PC and my Phone. I know it's kind of basic but it does the job - here's an example:
  7. dw96

    LG Optimus V With Black Screen

    Does your phone have a built in recovery mode? Normally these can run fine without any specific display drivers and are kind of like a BIOS on a motherboard before it boots your OS. I did some research and figured out that if you have clockwork recovery, the key combo to boot custom recovery from powered off is VolDown + Home + Power and release keys at LG splash. Since you flashed a stock ROM, I'm guessing you obviously DON'T have clockwork recovery, nevertheless you SHOULD try this button combo, as well as any others you know and can find on the net - if you can get to any recovery mode screen or boot menu which is built into the phone then you should be able to easily flash another Stock or CyanogenMod ROM. Your last resort would be to send your unit for repairs, although I really can't see how any mobile guru can resolve your problem, other than replacing your phone with a new one...
  8. dw96

    Thunderbird email image

    @Simon H - While I agree that betas are very unstable, betas are normally released so that users can have a sneak-peak of what's new in the upcoming official versions (non-beta). Personally I have had several problems with various applications which I solved by updating to beta versions which contained untested bugfixes. Also, keep in mind that in most cases downgrading from a beta to an official version is often a simple and straightforward process, so if any problems occur, one can easily go back to the safer, official release.
  9. dw96

    How Often Should I turn off my PC?

    Keep all of your computers turned on for as long as you need them. If you hate slow startups, consider hibernate mode or sleep. And if you're having overheating issues, have the computer cleaned from any dust or replace any old fans. Machines, unlike humans, don't need a break and can work 24/7. Whether you'll turn the computer off or not is entirely up to you!
  10. If the PC on which it doesn't work is using Wi-Fi, it might be a router setting that is preventing it from connecting. Here is a quick way to find out: 1. Go to your router IP from the main computer on which iTunes works (usually, the IP is 2. Input the username and password (usually admin/admin or admin/password) 3. Look for any Wi-Fi restrictions or open up some ports that iTunes may require - here's a list of Ports used by various Apple products: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1629 P.S.: If your Router IP is different and the above-mentioned Username & Password do not work, look for the instruction manual that came with the router and see if this information is specified in there.
  11. dw96

    Acer Inspire, factory reset

    From what I understand you want to make a Windows Recovery, right?You have two options from here:1. Use the Windows DVD to perform a Windows RecoveryOR2. Use any recovery discs by Acer that came with the laptop and can be used to reset the OS.
  12. These might help: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/publisher-help/import-text-from-another-file-into-a-publication-HP010064389.aspx http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/publisher-help/use-the-publisher-word-document-wizard-to-enhance-my-word-document-HP003089437.aspx
  13. dw96

    Thunderbird email image

    I'm guessing that this is a forwarding bug specific for Thunderbird. Try updating Thunderbird to see if this problem persists in the newer version and, if possible, install a beta version to make sure you are using the latest release of Thunderbird. If all that fails, your best choice would be to manually download all the images and then reattach them again instead of just forwarding the e-mail.
  14. The guys over at XDA Devs have you covered on that one:http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1494901 The tutorial may seem quite difficult (as most XDA tutorials are), but I have followed a few of their tutorials for my personal needs and as long as you do everything step by step you should get to the final result non-problematically. There's also a video tutorial you can watch at the bottom of the page. P.S.:The link I posted above is apparently for versions 1.41 and 1.42 ONLY. Make sure to update to 1.41 if you're still running 1.40, otherwise ManualNooter 5.02.19 may become unstable and the rooting process may fail.
  15. Since you are getting an error "The application Android Windows7 (process App. AndroidWindows7) has stopped unexpectedly:, I believe you are using a custom launcher which may be unstable. If you haven't tried it yet, press the home button on your device and (unless the Windows7 Launcher is set by default) click on the stock Android launcher that came on the device. From there you should be able to go into the settings again. You can also try plugging the phone into any computer via USB - in order to access the mass storage, some applications are force closed, which may temporarily help you to access the settings and do a reset from there. As for a dial number for resetting - I don't think your device has one. From here on your best choice would be to flash a new ROM, but it would be best to just return the phone to wherever you bought it from and have it repaired if it is still in warranty.
  16. dw96

    CD/ROM Game compatability

    DOSBox is a really simple solution and I congratulate you on trying it out.Check out our tutorial on DOSBox here:http://www.groovypost.com/howto/freeware/friday-fun-how-to-run-dos-programs-or-games-from-windows-7-vista/ If you want to get even more advanced, you should try installing a real MS-DOS on something like VMWare. It will be way more time consuming but the chances of old games running correctly are WAY higher.
  17. dw96

    Nickname on Google Plus not accepted

    Sorry to break the bad news, but I also wanted to change my facebook alternate name to DW96 or Darkness Warrior, but unfortunately I couldn't do so. Currently I'm using Desmond Miles as my alternate name, but I remember that a while ago I tricked facebook by using symbols in my name so that the name couldn't get detected. Here's what I mean: What I wanted: Darkness Warrior What I wrote: Dårknešš Wăſſıor(that's not exactly what I wrote, but the point is I was able to trick facebook) I would suggest one of these two solutions: A) Contact Google (by e-mail, phone, Google help etc.) and ask why the nickname wasn't accepted. B) Try the same facebook trick, even though it is less likely to work.
  18. Yes. A reinstall would work best for this kind of problem. I have used Mac OSX just a few times, but all I can tell you from my personal experience is that even the Mac is like a Windows PC - it too can get errors and glitch software.
  19. Short answer: yes. You simply need to make sure your iTunes account is authorised on all computers you're going to sync with. To do this, go to iTunes, select Store and then go to Authorise this computer. Provide your password and you should be ready to go.
  20. Check out this thing:http://home.eunet.no/pnordahl/ntpasswd/ You can create a bootable CD or DVD with which you can change any windows accounts and do actions like deleting/adding new accounts, changing passwords, removing passwords and so on. It is a bit tricky to work with, but it's perfect for a last-resort solution. P.S.: Sorry for the quickie answer, I was just browsing and saw something I can give a quick contribution to in my few minutes of free time.
  21. dw96

    Personal Profile add photo?

    While logged in, go to:http://answers.groovypost.com/users/26/edit/ From there you can edit all profile information, as well as access a direct link to Gravatar, which Beyond_Life already told you about.
  22. There is also another method you can use to quickly deal with any similar searching issues, mostly if you often search with specific keywords: Go to the Start Menu Type in whatever you want to search for Click on "See more results" at the bottom of the menu Click on "Save Search" on the blue menu at the top of the window: Save your search with any name you want (for example, I will name mine Documents, since that's what I was looking for) To access a full list of saved searches, go to: C:Users*your username*Searches Hope I helped!
  23. Hey there Lauren! Glad to have you here on groovyAnswers! Here are a few tips I can give you from my personal experience in writing tutorials: 1) Writer-to-reader communication! - Make sure the reader can "feel" the writer-reader communication. You need to make readers feel like the article writer literally wants to talk to them and like everything is explained in an accessible way - not too advanced, but not too beginner style either. 2) Screenshots and images! - For even the slightest thing which you think the reader may find confusing, try making a few screenshots with annotations, arrows and notes. Every article and tutorial always becomes more pleasant to the eye with more graphics, images and pictures. 3) Organization! - For an easy to understand article or tutorial, everything must be organized neatly - it creates a background plan and schematic for the user (reader) to follow and allows most content to be understood with ease. As for any Snagit tips - try to work out a personal theme or style if you're planning to use this for your own blog or website. By that I mean having all images with the same instructional style, same arrow colors, same annotation box colors and so on. The biggest advantage of Snagit is that you can take screenshots faster than ever, so take advantage of it and use as many screenshots as possible when needed (just like I mentioned in no. 2).
  24. Try a neat Google Trick:Copy the title of your article or blog post and paste in the Google search field and then add "site: stumbleupon.com" after it. The given keywords will only show results from the website you entered. Example:
  25. First, click on the gear icon in the top left corner. Then click on Google + settings. Next scroll down to the section called Receive Notification. In this section, uncheck any check boxes you do not want to be notified about. Then save it. Once saved, you shouldn’t receive any updates.