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    Chrome Processes

    I have no idea why this happens, but you're not the only one - whenever I use chrome I have multiple processes in my task manager as well... Maybe it has something to do with Chrome trying to improve performance?
  2. Hey Abby - great news. I found a cheap second hand PS3 bundled with a bunch of exclusives I'd love to play like LBP and GT5. Thanks for the advice - I'll probably buy the console any time around this week and I'm sure buying it for the exclusives is a great deal.
  3. 1) Turn off your iPad's Wi-Fi. 2) Turn your iPad off. 3) Turn your iPad back on again. 4) Go to Settings>General>Reset All Network Settings. 5) Turn your iPad's Wi-Fi back on again. 6) Re-enter the password for your Wi-Fi network and try to connect This works for me, let me know if after trying this you're still having troubles?
  4. I know of a good app called FolderClone. It's pretty good and I think it might help you: http://www.folderclone.com/ The downside is that the app is shareware. I'll let you know if I find any free alternatives, though.
  5. dw96

    How can I delete an account?

    Glad you enjoyed the review. The SkyDrive app really is pretty good, isn't it? Anyway, regarding the accounts - I have a completely different WordPress account associated with the main groovyPost.com website. The answers.groovyPost.com website is standalone so technically you need a seperate account for everything and deleting just one won't do any harm to other parts of the groovyPost web of sites.
  6. I accidentally created an extra account by trying to log in with facebook instead of going to Account > User tools > Authentication settings and adding it from there. I removed the wrongly associated facebook account and I have things all sorted out now, but is there any way to remove the unwanted account? Thanks in advance.
  7. dw96

    How can I delete an account?

    The other user goes by my real name, my actual facebook name: Stefan.Here's a link:http://answers.groovypost.com/users/154/stefan-kudev/ Anyway, thanks for the idea. I guess I can ask Steve about this.
  8. dw96

    How can I delete an account?

    Hey Hammad,Thanks for the suggestion. I went into my FB profile, but I didn't find the app in the list... I guess I've already tried that. The simple question here is - is it actually possible to delete a groovyAnswers account?
  9. Hmmm... This is funny because not all images contain the date and time in their filename. Can you please tell me which browser you are using? I'm beginning to think you are using some kind of extension or plugin which changes the default filename of saved files and adds the date and time. P.S.: If you are downloading files from an image hosting website there are several different ways to batch download images with third party applications.
  10. dw96

    Can splitters go both ways?

    Unfortunately you can't. Splitters go only one way and there is no way to reconfigure them to do their job "in reverse". In this case (with the amazon cable you posted) the cable is designed to have the female part of it as an input and the two male ends as an output. Edit: +1 vote on your question, though. I believe this is something a lot of people should know.
  11. dw96

    How can I delete an account?

    Hey Simon, I was talking about deleting a groovyAnswers account, not a facebook one. I simply added the fact that the account was accidentally created via the facebook login option. This:http://store.picbg.net/pubpic/52/6A/d1e4e35b88e0526a.png
  12. I know a few ways you can go this, but to give you an exact tutorial as well as step-by-step instructions, can you please give me the website from where you usually download these images?
  13. Are you talking about groovyAnswers or are you making a reference to another website or service? If you mean groovyAnswers, there should be a small grey "delete" button at the bottom of each and every one of your questions/answers:
  14. This is because the time may contain invalid symbols. You may know this from renaming files or folders. If it contains the following symbols it cannot be saved: So if the date is, for example 05/08/2012 change it to something like 05-08-2012. And if the time is 08:15 change it to something like 08hrs15mins or 08h15m. Hope I helped!
  15. I just completed my first, very basic dual-monitor setup. I like using ATi Eyefinity and also Windows' Extended Desktop but I want to get a little bit more out of it. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for cool third party Windows apps I can use to both boost my productivity or benefit more out of dual screens?
  16. dw96

    Can't install Microsoft Office 2013

    You will have to download a 64-bit version of office 2013 to install in order for it to be compatible OR you'll have to uninstall your old office 2010.
  17. Try changing your BIOS time. If you've gone ahead and changed the battery all by yourself I'm guessing you know how to access the BIOS (usually F2/F9/F12). Look for something like this: It's my best guess... Funny how a friend of mine has the same problem and hasn't resolved it yet.
  18. Wow! Thanks a lot - it's an awesome application and just what I was looking for!
  19. So here's the deal:I want to review a book on amazon that I bought outside of amazon. When I click the review button it says that I need at least one purchase in order to review items through my amazon account.Since most of the things in amazon do not ship internationally (or if they do it's very expensive), my only choice is do get an item that is a digital download (say, a video game, some kind of software or other), but I am not 100% sure whether a digital purchase will count as an actual purchase. I know it should, but will I be able to write reviews after a digital purchase? Here's what I'm planning to get:Item
  20. I had to write a positive review of the book after reading it for some quick $$$. It was a good book indeed, so I'm glad I read it.
  21. Sounds like a good idea, might cosider that too. If the new PS4/360 have backwards compatibility I'm definetely going for them, but if not, PS3/360 it is.
  22. dw96

    Samsung Galaxy s3 and mazda cx5

    I have a feeling this might be due to Android limiting the bluetooth discoverability to 300 seconds... On custom ROMs (like CM) there's a way to tweak this value to literally make it close to infinite, but it won't be a good idea to flash a brand new SIII just because of a bluetooth problem. I'll keep looking to let you know if there's a better solution.
  23. dw96

    How do I comment

    Alright, I'm glad it worked out for you!
  24. dw96

    droid phone and email server

    1) Open the Applications tray, tap My Accounts 2) Tap Add Account or Advanced setup > Add Account 3) Tap Email Accounts or Email 4) Select an email account to add (perhaps Other) 5) Enter the username and password 6) Tap Next 7) Tap Incoming Server and input: **pop.cox.net** 8)Tap Outgoing Server and write down: **smtp.cox.net** 9)Tap OK twice 10) You should be done Note: If you are still getting errors, add the following information to the e-mail account: Incoming POP Port: 995 Outgoing SMTP Port: - 587 with TLS enabled - 465 with SSL enabled *Source: http://ww2.cox.com/residential/sandiego/support/internet/article.cox?articleId=%7Ba8fb24c0-6440-11df-ccef-000000000000%7D*