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  1. Dear Bob and FlasFiant, with excuses first for my late reply; these with my android Samsung Notebook 10.1 It is the only way for the moment ... ! The internet connection, here in east-Ivory Coast is still very very slow, thus difficult. I hope to be able to try your suggestions - thank you so much! - on my notebook HP as soon as possible in order to give you finally(!) the result of your so kind advices. I hope it will be a positive one . Sincerely yours, Johan Wachters. ( johanwachters@gmail.com )
  2. Good morning Austin,I am the happy owner of a HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC [WINDOWS 7]But since a week now I am not very happy anymore ...The two [02]''shift''-keys refuse to give me capitals.I took, by e-mail, contact with a friend [in Mali] to help me in order to find a solution for this problem.He wrote me about your Key Tweak. I downloaded the program, but I did not arrive to work efficiently with it in order to activate/restore the 2 keys. I think my age [77] is the real handicap ... ;-] Please, you can help me to become again the happy [old] man, as before, in showing me, step by step, how to use efficiently your so very ingenious program. I thank you already for your kind understanding.Best wishes, Johan, living on the border of the sea in Sassandra (Ivory-Coast]
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